Sunday, 16 September 2007

Show Off Sunday

&edited in case of letterboxes*

Anyway, this little fella kept us entertained exploring the top of Oliver's sit in car. The pictures I got aren't in as sharp a focus as I would have liked but he just wouldn't keep still... and the wind kept blowing his feelers about!

We had a good time at the party yesterday... and guess whose child cried the most? In fact whose child was the only child to cry? Yep, mine!!! such and such did this, such and such did that... like he is the most perfectly well behaved child ever. Boys eh? they start being mardy men very young...LOL!!!
Last night I made real progress with the mini book, it is almost finished... although I had to stop once the alcohol had kicked in, me drink and a craft knife is not a good combination! I am going to try really hard to complete tonight so that I can upload pics and get on with some LOs.
I have drawn a template out to make a doodlebug style chipboard house. Not sure if I am actually breaking the law by breaching some kind of copyright, but if it is for my own use then I can't be doing much wrong, right? I want to have one on my shelf in the living room, and think I am going to decorate one for friends who have just moved in at the bottom of the garden... not literally in our garden as that would just be silly, but their house backs on to ours.

Right a niblet is a squealing which means it is time for dinner!!! be back soon with more mini book pics... hopefully!!!


Hazel said...

What a fantastic shot! (btw, hope mil doesn't read your blog!)

Anonymous said...

Great photo :o)

Lol about the Mil part - I have one of those too!


Jenga said...

Your snail looks bigger than mine!!! And yours is a common one (mine of course is posh lol) Looking forward to seeing the minibook x

Sue Nicholson said...

Love your snail BUT pleased he's not in my garden munching away :) Lol at his feelers :D

Look forward to seeing your mini book.

Bye for now


SuzyB said...

Fab snail!

Anna said...

Wow to that photo (but yuk to the snail!). I can sympathise re the MIL. Maybe the snail would scare her away LOL. Hope you survived the day.

Bobs said...

Great shot. He's a very impressive snail ... his shell looks almost blue. Had a giggle about your MIL!!

Rach said...

Cool pic! Love the font you use on your pictures. What font is it?

Monika said...

Snails. You and Jen (shakes head).

MaaikeV said...

great photo
and I love your sps