Tuesday, 11 September 2007



This is a close up of a collagraph print. It is in my portfolio and is an example done to show my year 7 students. The project is all about texture and they learn 3 different printing processes, but this one is always the favourite.... I never get bored teaching this either.
Made my mini book last night for the masterchef competition... just need to work out how to decorate it. Think I need a bit of a stash shop for more papers... any excuse eh...LOL!!!


Jemma said...

Cant wait to see it im sure it will be fantastic!!

Love the print, looks really interesting!!

Hope all is well now you have H back! xx

MaaikeV said...

this looks very interesting!!

Hazel said...

That's a very interesting photo

WendyB said...

Nice take

Bobs said...

Being an ignoramus, I have no idea what a collagraph print is ..... but I do know that it's very pretty!

Love that shot.

Eleanor said...

Oh I think I would enjoy this too. Original idea.

Sue Nicholson said...

Fabulous :) Do you miss teaching? All those hormonal teenagers!!!! Scary :D

I should know . . . I have two of my own!

Please can you explain Masterchef. Is this the t.v program or a scrapbooking comp?

Off to bed to read and drink tea in peace and quiet

Bye for now


Sue Nicholson said...

OK . . . Should have read "Cake" first :)

Masterchef explained :)

Ann said...

ooh love your print photo - and just notice your Harry is close in age to my Jamie (born Feb 07) - and I have a Robert of 3!

Diana said...


Pam said...

Beautiful. I would love to learn how to make these kinds of prints...maybe someday.

Rachael said...

Stunning, makes me want to see it all! My step mother taught Art at a High School for years when she wasn't deputy heading and has stuff like this hanging around, my Dad taught Maths there and doesn't have anything interesting hanging around apart from the odd calculator!!