Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Sneaky peakies

I said yesterday I'd take piccies today, and I have... although the light still isn't great as it is tipping it down again today!!!So far I have done 3 LOs with THIS kit, and have loads left over to do another tonight. The classes go up on Saturday so you still have time to buy the kit if you want to play along.

The prompt for today is 'indulge'. Normally finding some edible indulgent items in this house wouldn't be a problem, but as I am on my quest to lose some blubber I have bought or baked anything indulgent. I am also on a stash diet as I am saving for the Harrogate show... where I shall no doubt indulge myself with loads of yummy new goodies to play with. One thing I can't help but indulge in though is buying these little beauties....
Ok so it may be a bandwagon to jump on... and some may think that collecting these deserves a smack... but I don't care, I love momiji dolls.
This has to be a quick post as Harry is currently trying to climb up the lamp in the corner of the living room... quite how he has got to it I don't know, as it is behind the little table and in between the chair and sofa... no place in this house is sacred from stunt puppy Stevenson!!! I took these pictures of him this morning... he loves to get his hands on the PS2 controllers... but this morning he was playing with the buttons and looking at the cartoon on the tv at the same time... he kept laughing, and I really do think he thought he was playing..... awwwwww bless.
Do you like his tank top? I knitted it for him and I think he looks well cute in it :)


Bobs said...

Awww bless! Look at the concentration on that cute little face!

Pretty momiji doll too. I don't cellect them, but I've seen ahop in Aberdeen that sells loads of them.

Andie said...

Thats is SO cruel...(and no I don't mean Harry's tank top ;)) More LO pictures please.

Deanne said...

hia louise
i have to laugh, because i too, have been affected by the weird and wonderful momiji dolls, mine are on my blog today too!!!
they are addictive arent they.
good luck lol x

Shannon said...

Louise, Sue bought me my first Momiji doll for christmas. Than I had to have another and after almost a month of waiting it came yesterday. I love them. Maybe I should see about selling them on my site here in the US, as the nearest store is some 2,000 miles away.
Your little guy and mine would get along swimmingly! Bradley is playing xBox as we speak.
Ok, That is teasing with the layouts, let me see!

Rachael said...

I love those little dolls but sadly there are none here. I love the tank top, wish I could knit like that. x

Louise Woolford. said...

aww ive seen those dolls and they are sweet, I was going to buy one for my sister, but realised Id end up keeping it. My youngest nephew is like that with computers his older brothers will sit playing it and as long as he has a controller (dont even have to be plugged in) he's happy.

sharon said...

hey..get you..fab little tank top and he looks so adorable..I would love to find just a little time to's something I have always wanted to do.x

Darcy said...

Aww cute pics, I have bought the dolls for friends that collect them. There are some super ones on Ebay. Love the knitted top, it really suits him.

Kerry said...

Love your Indulge pic .... those dolls are so cute.

(Not as cute as that tank top though ;)


Aubrey Harns said...

I've never heard of those dolls - they're very cute. I adore your son's sweater. Very nice. I hope to learn to knit this year. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Awww doesn't he look fab...totally involved Loving the tank top, way to go you clever girl, it's fab and he looks a total sweetie in it.
Talking of sweeties you must be about the only person who hasn't used them for today's prompt... you are soooo good :D Loving the doll!

Jenga said...

Oh you have the Blue one :o I want that one!! H looks so cute :D

Sue Nicholson said...

CUTE :-)



AND clever you :-) Great tank top.

Love these dolls. Don't tell Rach, Shannon or Mima but going to surprise them with one each . . . LOL obviously not to share :-)


etteY said...

aww super cute momiji dolls! i've been looking for a store that sells it here in my country but still haven't found one :(

angie said...

Nothing wrong with Momiji dolls...I bought my first one last week.
And that is one cute little fella in a fabby tank top :o)

nikki said...

how do you get time to knit as well?? do you ever sleep? Love the pics of Harry he really does look as if he is using the controls :)

Jemma said...

NO MORE SNEEKIES i have to see it all!!!!!!

Love little H is is such a cutie!!!! and i love his tank cant believe you knitted it!!! - dead impressed!!