Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Just a quickie

Eeeek what a day, I haven't had a moment spare to get on here.
This morning the boys and I had a dental appointment, all was well until she went poking around the back of my mouth... she did something that nearly made me go through the ceiling!!! After x-rays, and a mini battle to have another look in my mouth, I have been referred to the hospital to have two wisdom teeth out :( So what should have been a quick check up turned into a really long appointment.

I dropped Oliver at school on the way home, and by the time I got back there was only time enough to give Harry a bottle before Reuben descended... followed by Freya half an hour later. Then Jackie came to pick Reuben up and stayed with Elijah so that he could have a play with Oliver... 4 tired and hungry boys meant that squabbles soon started!!! After Jackie and the boys had left it was time to feed Harry and Freya, then Rob came home, then Freya's dad came to pick her up. Cooked tea for Rob and Oliver (Ikea meatballs, chips, peas and peppercorn sauce... yuuuuuum!!!) then as if I wasn't knackered enough from the lack of sleep last night (thanks Harry) I had a go at the Natalie Cassidy dvd. I have to say i actually really enjoyed it... it's a lot of fun and the instructor isn't annoying like the two on the Davina dvd. Quick shower, and at last a little bit of time before CSI to get online. Whoever said that being a sahm was a breeze...LOL!!!

So I know I said I'd take pics of the LOs, but I haven't had time... I will do them first thing after the school run tomorrow morning. Even the HS:MS pic is a cheat as it was taken at the weekend... I wanted to get a piccie of Harry crawling from behind. I did , but because he crawls soooooo fast he was out of focus before I could press the button!!! I will try again to get a better shot in the next few days, because I so want to scrap a piccie of it.


Sue Nicholson said...

Oh! Bless! Such a lovely shot :-)

Good luck with the teeth.

SAHM can be quite challenging can't it?


Louise said...

Very cute.

Sarah said...

That's a lovely shot, don't think you need to improve on it at all.

Jolanda said...

Lovely picture!

Jenga said...

The only reason I like going to work is to get away from being "mum" for a few hours LOL

That is one cute bee-hind ;) (Oh I mean Harry's not yours!!! Not that yours isn't cute and it will be even cuter now you are Natalie Cassidy-ing ...stop typing, stop typing.....)


nikki said...

dont think you can improve the harry sot at all it is fantastic - the blurring shos his speed - love it!!

and yes being a sahm is very hard work!!

Jemma said...

love this shot, he looks like a speed demon, is he running to his daddy hiding behind the wall??