Monday, 14 January 2008

Out with the girls

Last night I went to the cinema with a few friends, including Jen. We went to see PS I Love You, as it is a total chick flick and there is no way hubbies and partners would want to go and watch it. I did really well to hold the tears in... they were there but they didn't roll, well not until I got home and told Rob about the film, then I cried.... I'm such a wuss puss!!!

I have been busy scrapping 3 LOs for Carolinezcrafts, using this kit. I will take a couple of piccies tomorrow to share with you... there is no point in doing it now with the flash. I have another planned, then I can get playing with my Scarlet Lime kit that is sat calling to me.

I have a short week with Freya this week as her mum is not working Thursday and Friday so I am hoping to get some scrap time whilst Harry has his morning nap, although in reality I will probably spend the time cleaning and tidying!!!

the prompt for today is 'CDs'. We have soooooooo many CDs between us, a few are out on the shelf next to the stereo, but the others are in boxes under the shelves. It's a total pain in the bum when you want to find a particular CD and have to go searching, but on the other hand when you go searching you always find something you forgot you had. I don't have a favourite type of music, my collection is quite varied. I like cheesy pop, indie, rock... if it's catchy I like it.

LOL!!! In response to Suzy's comment... this is just a section from my side on the CD shelf... not staged at all.
All my cheesy and embarassing CDs are in the car....LOL!!!


SuzyB said...

Ahh, great shot. But did you put all your trendiest CDs to the front and hide all the embarrassing ones you're bound to have somewhere there lol x

Rachael said...

Great shot. I see Suzy is nice to you!!! Lol

Anonymous said...

Great shot Louise... I don't have any favourites either :D Looking forward to seeing your LO's tomorrow :D

Jenga said...

Ooh that kit is nice isn't it??

I am sure I saw you wipe a few tears away last night ;) I was crying! but not as much as when I read the book.

I'm with Suzy - where's the cheesy pop???

pokettiger said...

Great collection of tunes. I just saw PS I Love You too. My husband went with me. He actually really likes sappy, love stories. It is great to be married to a man who likes the chick flicks. Speaking of music I just downloaded the soundtrack to PS I Love You! Wonderful songs.

Jemma said...

now i want to see the film and im with the rest of them where are the uncool cds????