Saturday, 26 January 2008

Crop day

Today was Cheadle all day crop, and I got *drum roll* TWO LOs done!!! That is really good going for me, I normally get 1 done, but think this could well be a first getting two done. I used the January Scarlet Lime kit for both, and am really pleased with how they turned out... I am so loving this kit company at the moment.
Both LOs are of Christmas photos. Usually I hate doing Christmas LOs, but I think it is more that I don't really love Christmas papers, I buy them every year, and every year I put them away unused. It plays on my mind that I need to get my Christmas photos scrapped, so I think maybe I just need to scrap them as I would everyday photos and not get hung up about using themed stash.
Last year I set a little challenge to myself to record a 'smile a day'. Jems has re-launched the challenge, starting today and ending on the last day of February. The idea is that everyday you post about the thing that made you smile the most that day. Even on the most pants day, there will be something that makes you smile... no matter how small it is. If you have a blog, you should post about your smile with a piccie, if you don't blog you could journal/scrap about it and upload to online galleries. At the end of the time you will have a record of things that you would probably have forgotten about, had you not have recorded them. I know that Jems is planning to scrap a LO of each of her smiles in mini book form. I know that this will not happen for me, so I plan to do a DLO at the end of the time... something to go into my BOM. If you want to play along please leave links so we can come and share your smiles.
Hopefully we can spread the happiness, and those people who are always doom and gloom will cheer the f*ck up!!! I am sure you know the type... people who can find something to moan about in everything, people who basically bring down the mood of everyone around them... the kind of people you want to shake... If you know one of these people, go and slap them with a happy stick :)
So this brings me to today's smile, which was a comment made by our lovely crop male, Paul. It's one of those things where when I explain it to you, you won't think it is funny, you had to be there. In fact even the people that were there didn't find it that funny... but it really tickled me.
Basically, Sarah of Sarah's cards, was asked whether she wanted a tea or a coffee. She said to surprise her, and Paul said quietly, but loud enough for me to hear, 'mud... that'd be a surprise'. Well it had me in fits of giggles, so lovely Paul and his mud comment gets my smile :)
I have also been tagged by Nikki. You have to list 5 songs that mean something to you. To be honest, this is a bit tricky for me, as even though I love music and there are a lot of songs I really like, there aren't many that are 'special' to me. So here goes...
1) Goodybye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John
My last relationship turned violent, and on the day I finally moved out of the house I shared with my ex, this song was playing on Lincs FM as I drove away. Everytime I hear it now it reminds me of the feeling of relief of moving on.
2) Firestarter - The Prodigy
I have a fantastic memory of my uni friend Laura falling over a table in Silk in York, this was playing and the strobe lighting... and possibly the obscene amount of alcohol we had consumed, made her fall seem very slow and dramatic. That night also turned out to be quite eventful for other reasons too. Everytime I hear this song I am reminded of this night and it makes me smile.
3) Mr Blue Sky - ELO
My great grandad used to let me stand on his feet and dance around with me to this song when I was little. A family fall out meant that we didn't speak after I was 7, so this is was of the few memories I have of him.
4) You Were Always On My Mind - Elvis
My first real love sang this to me in the middle of the Shambles in York. I had got upset with him, and he drove from Nottingham to York to sruprise me... sang this to me, and asked me to marry him.
5) Catch - The Cure
I had this playing in the car the first time I laid eyes on Rob. I can picture the scene now and little did I know then that I would end up marrying the man in the black hooch t-shirt... nuff said.
But I am putting a couple more on that I have just thought about...
6) Shiver - Coldplay
A couple of friends and I went to Radio 1's One Big Sunday in Leicester in 2001. Coldplay came on last and the first song they played was Shiver. I love this song anyway, but at the moment they started playing the intro Rob phoned me on my mobile, so he got to listen to it too... love love love this song.... and love love love Rob.
7) What Do You Get - Deacon Blue
Another song, another man singing to me...LOL!!! This song was sung to me via karaoke in Ibiza, by a footballer, who shall remain anonymous. I met him there and went on to have a short but lovely fling with him. He still phones me every year on my birthday which is nice, but doesn't go down well with him indoors.
I tag Rach, Andie and Paul.

This LO was created for Carolinez Craftz. You can get instructions for how I did this HERE.


Jenga said...

Paul's comments always make you smile so shock you :) Gotta love him !

So Miss Lou on that first LO why did you decide to but the journalling just there??? Was it in the plan all along???? Or did you NEEEEEED to put it there for some odd reason??? LOL

ps - licked anything nice today???

Jenga said...

that was supposed to say "or" shock you!!

Rach said...

Love the LOs and the SL kit looks lush - can't wait to get what is left of mine from Gayle :P.

I'd better get thinking of my fave songs - hmmmm this could turn out to be very embarrassing as I reveal my terrible music tastes! ha ha ha

nikki said...

Great layouts, love your smile , cant think of anyone who fits the description of needing a hit with a happy stick - or maybe one ??!!
Another speedy response to the tag and some great songs there - thanks for sharing!!

Paul Browning said...

Thanks for the Tag - I'm no longer a virgin!!! I've just noticed you added Deacon Blue and that reminds me of many to choose

Thx for the laugh today!!!

Jemma said...

glad you had fun today but still no idea how you managed to have fun and make fantastic los!!!

hmmmmm pass the happy stick over to me i can think of someone to slap!

seriously though the los are fantastic!

SuzyB said...

Gorgeous LOs, makes me want to go scrap! But then I get my stuff out and sit there uninspired and put it all away again - must try harder!x