Sunday, 27 January 2008

Another LO on Sprinkles

The second of my LOs using the gorgeous Junkitz kit has gone up on A Spoonful of Sprinkles today. I had to do a spot of photo editing with these pics so that they went with the papers. There was too much happening with all the different colours in the background, so I turned the photo to B&W but left the ball in colour.
Today we took the boys to Head over Heels in Chorlton to run/crawl off some energy. We took Adam too, and met Cormac and Erin (and their mum Pauline). I have to say I love that place as it's big enough for adults to be climbing in too, and the slide is quiiiiiiick!!! Harry loved crawling and climbing in the under 3's section, and I think we have a Casanova on our hands as he made bee lines for all the girls!!! So back home with tired children, and have left dinner in the hands of Domino's... yummo... although this means I am unlikely to lose any weight this week!!!

Have you smiled today? I have had lots to smile about today, I got to have a lie in, I didn't have a bad head when I woke up, seeing the boys have so much fun, laughing with Pauline, pizza for tea. The smile I have chosen for today is when Rob picked up all the foam stamps that Harry had tipped out (because I had left them in the hallway rather than putting them away) and put them back in the basket. He put the basket down turned around to get the last stamp which had been flicked under the buggy, turned back around and Harry had crawled out into the hallway, tipped the stamps out again and had the basket on his head.


Jenga said...

mwahahahahaha!! Did Rob pick them up a secong time??? Lol

Jemma said...

DC moment - that is too funny. poor Rob trying to do a good deed!! Love Love Love Harry!!!!

Jemma said...

OH MY GOODNESS tha picture is too cure you have to scrap it - i love this wee mans character - he so takes after you :P