Sunday, 10 February 2008

Catch up!

I didn't get round to doing yesterday's HS:MS prompt as I had a REALLY lazy day... just because I could! I spent all morning in bed.... bliss, then caught up with a view programmes we had stored on Sky+ (thanks Annie... Rob loves his new toy). I played on the PS2, something I hardly ever do. Then we had a lazy evening which included pizza, wine and the Bourne Ultimatum.
I did manage to get a LO done in the evening... it is a for a team challenge that Jen set for us. We had to use the word 'difference' in our title. I actually cheated a little as I extended the word to 'differences'. I can't show you all of the LO just yet as I used the kit from Carolinezcraftz March class.... which is a lovely kit, and would be perfect for any Valentine photos you need to scrap.
Yesterday's prompt was 'envy'. I wouldn't say I am a jealous person, apart from when TTC and then I am jealous of everyone who is pregnant! I thought about what makes me envy people the most... and one of the main things is people who are slim. I decided not to use this as the basis of my photo as I am trying to do something about this. So for my interpretation of the prompt I turn to one of my scrapping idols.... Celine Navarro. This girl is just so darned talented, everything she does is amazing, which in itself is enough to be envious about... but let's add in the fact that her amazing talent lets her travel the world teaching classes.... and yes, I have to say, I am a little envious. Seriously though... how cool would it be to be so good at scrapping that you travel the world teaching and taking part in scrap events?For today's prompt it would have been so easy to take a piccie of Thing 1 and Thing 2, of which I am so proud. But as they aren't here... did I mention I am childless for a whole week?!?!? So I had a scout round to see what else I am proud of. I could have taken a piccie of the shelf Rob put up in the cupboard under the stairs this morning... it has stuff on it and it is still up!!! I could have taken a piccie of me in my gym gear having just done an exercise dvd... but that would be too shocking for Sunday viewing. So instead I took a piccie of Oliver's Teddy Bear 2 swimming badge. He has been having swimming lessons for less than a year, and he is doing so well. Considering he would cling to you like a limpet the moment you got him in water and would cry if he got splashed in the face, he now swims with 1 disc on each arm, but can swim without any for a short distance, he jumps in on his own and can do all of the moves they have to do each week. He is proud of his badges and we are proud of him:)OK so I am not going to waste today... I am going to go and do my 'C' page for the A-Z journal.
Back later with piccie pics.


Jemma said...

cant wait to see your differences!!!

As for envy - add me to the list i love her los, but i love yours too!!!

I remember the swimming badges i used to get and there were rubbish compared to this one!! - But way to go Oliver!!!!

SuzyB said...

Aww a teddy swimming badge, thats so sweet!
Love the wrath photos, just had a bit of a catch up, that last one made me laugh, little uns are always the worst LOL

Sue Nicholson said...

Ah! I remember the days of swimming lessons and badges :-)

A great take on todays prompt :-)

Must be soooo quiet in your house at the moment.

Enjoy your week.


Zoe said...

Fab swimming badge, much nicer than the ones here! Enjoy this week - if you're feeling lonely I could always send you one 5 year old??!! No? I wouldn't either at the mo!! (Not a great day!!)

Diana said...

Great take on the prompt! Get cracking with that C page cos we have D coming up on Saturday!
Love Di