Thursday, 21 February 2008


Is the prompt over at HS:MS.... the thing that confuses me the most, and something I keep putting off doing, is reading the manual for the camera. I know I am not using the camera to it's potential, but when I open the manual all the technical speak just baffles me!!! Maybe I will have another go again soon... maybe I won't. I have been playing with the match kit from Carolinezcraftz... it is made up of BG Scarlet's Letter, which I love. I never bought the collection pack as I knew I would not have the nerve to cut into it... but I couldn't very well say to Caroline that I wasn't going to use the papers... and I have to say I have really enjoyed using them. So far I have done 2 LOs, a card and a magic wallet card... they should be up at the beginning of March.

I took Harry to playgroup this morning, a bit of fun for him before he had his jabby jab. Talk about performance... Harry was so melodramitic you'd have thought he'd have been spiked by a 6' spear! After a quick mummy hug, and a chocolate biscuit baby bear felt better, and calm was restored to the doctor's surgery. Calm however did not follow us home... Harry has spent the whole afternoon climbing. Climbing onto Oliver's chair, standing on the chair and swinging back and forth, then climbing on to the little people garage and on to the window sill to bang on the window... of course no matter how many times I get him down he goes back to the climbing... and inevitably this resulted in him falling straight on to his head, and now sporting a nice bump and a bruise!

Mum is coming up tomorrow as we are heading to Harrogate for the day on Saturday. Planning on spending an obscene amount of money on pretty papers and other stash... just hoping we are not disappointed.


Jenga said...

LOL we really do need to get our boys together LOL each pair seem to have exactly the same traits! I spend all day getting Joshy down from ridiculously high places!!!

Jemma said...

I bet your mam is reading this going, hmmm now you know how i felt about you!! =) i hope you guys have a great time at the show on saturday and remember to share pictures of what you got!!

Rach said...

Great take on confused I never understand why they don't write these things in English. Sounds like Harry bear was injected with a little bit of mischief! Lol