Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Running behind

I seem to be lagging behind everyone else on the A-Zjournal... I did my 'A' page late and my 'B' page is only half done. I have however done my 'C' page. This one is all about cinema visits this year. I trimmed an envelope down so that it is open at the top, and will keep all the cinema tickets in there. All the papers are scraps left over from my Scarlet Lime kits, and the tickets and rub ons are also from the kit. And before anyone comments... YES I KNOW I LEFT THE MIDDLE OF THE A & E IN.... LOL!!! Better hold on to something Jen, don't want you shaking and toppling over ;)I also finished this LO of Oliver digging for a dinosaur. It's one of those LOs that took an age to do, ended up nothing like it was supposed to, and one I'm not too sure about. It doesn't feel finished to me, but I don't know what it is missing... I have put it to one side and will look at it again with fresh eyes in a couple of days, and see if inspiration strikes.Tonight is crop night and I am all prepared and packed... lightly too!!! Looking forward to a bit of a natter with Jen... and a gossip about who we like, who we really like, and who has the laxative effect!!! So if you feel your ears burning, which catagory do you think you'll be in?!?!?
A very late post for HS:MS. Today's virtuous prompt is 'charity'. If this prompt had been yesterday I could have taken a piccie of the 3 charity bags that were posted through the door... 3, all from different charities, wanting clothes etc. We get loads of these bags shoved through the letterbox each week... how many clothes do they think we have to give away...LOL!!! Mind you, there are about 12 boxes of clothes in the loft that Harry has outgrown, most of which are as new!!! Anyway, today I have had a great time listening to loads of music I haven't played in an age. You know when you go through all your CDs and play 1 or 2 songs from each... really loudly, and sing your little heart out. This was prompted by a phone call from an ex flingee (I know this isn't a real word, nut you know what I mean) this morning... we were chatting about this and that, and loads of memories all came flooding back. So my little sing song this afternoon has made me smile for today. I haven't posted all my smiles, but I have been recording them ready to scrap.... and I will share the LO when it is done, and list the smiles then. This CD is fantastic. It's 1Love and is a collection of various artists singing covers, I love the whole album, and am glad I found this again... a percentage of the cost of the CD went to the War Child charity, so good music and a good deed.


Shannon said...

I like you cinema idea! I am afraid mine would only have 2-3 ticket stubs though.
I like the small hand print on you charity shot.
Have fun scrapping tonight. I scrapped today for about 2 hours and did 6 mini pages and two big ones.

Jemma said...

great LOs and if my ears get hot i BETTER be in the really like section of the conversation or ill cry!

Jenga said...

We chatted about the third category the most LOL LOL LOL

etteY said...

fab layouts! i would love to listen to that cd ;) great take on the prompt!

happy valentines day!

Jemma said...

good thing, my ears werent that hot :P