Friday, 1 February 2008

Doctors and vets!!!

We have been to both today. Harry had to go this morning to have his back checked, just to make sure the cream and bath additive he is on is doing the job, and it is... so happy days for him. When we got home, I stroked Jaspa on the head and he let out a massive yelp... I assumed I had caught him in the eye or something and didn't think anything more of it. Later I stroked him again and he yelped again, and after looking in his ears I could see that something was wrong in his left ear. So off to the vets, to be told that the fungal infection he has (which is being treated) has spread into his ear canal. He is now on two kinds of tablets and has drops to start on Sunday... 3 little packets costing almost £60!!! I bought him a new bed on the way home, and he is now lying in it, giving me the sad puppy dog eyes... in true male fashion he is going to milk this for all it's worth!

When Harry had his afternoon nap I started a chipboard mini book for Carolinezcraftz... I am quite liking it so far, and am enjoying working on a small scale. I should be able to get it done tonight and have a few piccies to share tomorrow.

The prompt over at HS:MS is 'string'. My picture is very unimaginitive... a ball of string!!! I really didn't have time to go hunting for interesting string, if string can be interesting... this was on the dining room left over from making the decorations I used for the 'dangle' prompt.

My smile for today comes from a comment made by Oliver. On the way home from school, he said out of the blue, 'Mummy when I grow up, I want to be a mummy just like you so that I can buy my little boy ice cream'. Ok so maybe I should be a tad concerned that my boy wants to be a mummy... but OMG, how sweet is that.

Looking forward to tomorrow night as I am out with a few friends... well actually we aren't out, we'll be in, but I'll be out of the house even though I'll be in someone elses iykwim. You can't beat girls nights in though, lots of gossip, giggles, a ding dong from dominos and a few bottles of wine. Not looking forward to the SPS though... I have a major teenage outbreak happening on my face... must think tonight about how I can disguise myself... LOL!!!


Maz said...

Great close up. Same ball of string as mine I think!

Sarah said...

Great shot :-)

Isn't it a nightmare going to the vets, doesn't seem to matter what the problem is it always ends up costing a fortune. My eldest wants to be either a vet or a barrister - I keep trying to steer her towards vet as I can't imagine needing a barrister in the future but will always have pets!!