Friday, 29 June 2007

Prompt for the day

OK so we have 3 people to play... Barry, Nikki and me. A prompt a day whilst HS:MS is away, not trying to compete or take over before anybody gets upset... just getting some practice in before Kirsty and Anita get back:) But if anybody does want to join in, please do... we can take it in turns for setting the prompt.

Clock: a timepiece that shows the time of day


Jemma said...

love the look of your clock, we dont have any (remember 99% of my stuff is still in boxes) so i think bar is going to cheat and do watch.

Love the shot, angle and composition!

Aubrey Harns said...

Beautiful picture Louise. I love your angle. I thought of doing this myself and didn't for fear of persecution! :-) I like it when everyone shoots the same word - it's neat to see the different perspectives. Maybe I'll do both ways...would that be ok do you think?

MaaikeV said...

I want to join
place mine in a minute

MaaikeV said...

of course that will be an honnour (hope you'll write it this way)
I made it myself with an old kitchenclock
show me when your done!
gr. Maaike

Vanda said...

I'd love to play along Louise, I'm sure Anita & Kirsty wouldn't be offended :O) It's late now so will start with tomorrow if that's OK xXx BTW LOVE your clock ~ fantastic angle xXx

Rachael said...

I'll probably join in next week - still have visitors until Wednesday morning so will see you then!

Barry said...

Great shot, im thinking you are very much enjoying your new camera! Like Jem said, thats a really nice clock. I cheated but its up!