Friday, 29 June 2007

Another LO to share

Well I did finish the LO last night, but it was quite late and I couldn't face scanning stitching blah blah blah!!! I have always been quite envious of the fabby sneaky peeks shots people take of their work... I have tried sooooo many times with my ickle compact and they always look poop.... but look what I have done this morning...

I can't share the whole LO yet, just in case I do decide to enter it into the Mojo blog DT. And thanks to all those people who have said I am good enough :)

I am really missing the HS:MS prompts, the game that has been started just isn't the same... I like seeing different interpretations of the same prompt... so I am really hoping that Nikki and Barry will start giving prompts.... go on, you know you want to:)

Better go and paint my little clown ready for nursery... be back later with piccies.


Rach said...

Ooooh Lou you should definitely go for the MOJO DT - I love that site!

Jemma said...

ha ha - i almost had a "Jems" moment with my DC "better go and paint my little clown ready for nursery" - he he

youll give the boy a complex

the lo looks fantastic, or the little bits of it do anyways!!

you have to go for it!!!!!!!

how about you do todays promt and ill get barry to do one tonight for you and Nikki to get tomorrow?