Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Todays smile

Todays smile came whilst reading Oliver's nursery homework book with him. It has no words but we get a couple of photocopied sheets that tell us the story, and give us some question prompts. The story was called The Lost Teddy, and basically it tells how Kipper left his teddy on the bus, and his mum takes him to the depot to see if it has been handed in. In the lost property office there are boxes of different items all catorgorised.... so I point to different boxes and ask Oliver what is in each of them, glasses, teddies, pipes and HANDS!!! well I nearly choked with laughter... and do you know when something really tickles you and you just can't get a grip for ages... well I was like that all afternoon.!!! Of course there wasn't a box of lost hands, it was a box of gloves.... but the thought of loads of dismembered handy pandies in a lost property office makes me smile.

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JERM said...

he he that is so cute, cant wait to see where you get a box of hands to photograph!!