Friday, 22 June 2007

Smile or cringe or both!!!

I can smile about it now, but OMG how embarrassing!!!! I only went and got caught happy dancing ON MY OWN in the living room... couldn't even use the excuse that I was entertaining the boys... they were both upstairs. Full on silly (almost but not as bad dad stlye) dancing... and who caught me? only our rather tasty window cleaner....MORTIFIED!!!!
Think I may need to move....

*note to self* remember to shut the blinds if the urge to happy dance takes hold again!!!

So all be it a cringe story too when I think about the moment I turned round and saw him grinning away at me... it makes me smile.

1 comment:

JERM said...

OMG DO I KNOW WHAT THIS HAPPY DANCE WAS ABOUT - AM I SMILING AT THE RIGHT THING - YOU MUST PM ME NOW!!!!!!!!(and yes i know caps are shouting but im excited and happy toooooo)