Saturday, 30 June 2007

Louise needs...

OK so I got this from Jen's blog... you put your name then 'needs' into google and see what you get...

Louise needs your vote on Wed 23rd.
Louise needs a glass of lemonade made from 'crystal clear, free-running, natural, spring water'
Louise needs to. pick the tickets up for the Carleton next Tuesday
Louise needs to make some nomination slips and. send an e-mail
Louise needs to express how much she cares and provide as much support as she can
Louise needs 2 hours to run the first 10 miles (the first half of the course) and 1 hour to run the last 10 miles (the last half), meaning she needs 3 hours

But my favourite has to be

Louise needs a pig nose mask!

Love it... now off to get me a pig nose mask...LOL!!!

What do you need?


Jemma said...

ha ha hope you got your pig nose mask!!

nikki said...

oooh think I need a pig nose mask too!!! sounds intriguing! lol

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Ha ha - I got 'Sarah needs to kick him in the nuts' Rotflmao!!