Friday, 15 June 2007

Do you know what gets my goat?!?!

People who act all holier than thou!!! On UKS a little bit of harmless fun has been blown out of all proportions by some daft bint wanting to cause trouble!!! Honestly, I ask you... what is the world coming to when people can't see the funny side of things... tis very sad indeed.
Apparently I have been 'outed' and 'shamed'.Hhhhhmmmm, nope, nothing to be ashamed of here!!! I would however be quite ashamed if I was one of a few people who hijack a thread to get comments on my gallery... might as well go round waving a banner saying 'desparate for praise' on it.
he he he.... desparate-for-praise-athon!!!
And I would be doubly ashamed if I went on to a public forum and started actual name calling... Harmless fun within a team thread, what does that say about me? I like to have a giggle... Using profanities and name calling, what does that say about that person?!?! I know which character trait i'd rather have!

Anyways after the hilarity of that mountain out of a mole hill... I got a very eciting email yesterday... will keep you in suspenders for a bit longer though, coz I can smell pizza, so am off to fill my face!


JERM said...

yes i have to admit you are a horrible person

all the support and laughter you have given me over the last few years and the RAKs you do, and the fact you help eveyone whenever you can, yip terible person

I know what you mean and just remember Karma, they have shamed themselves and they have to live with it, you know you did nothing wrong.

Right back to the point, STOP eating, and get back here to tell me about the e-mail after my horific lunch hour i NEEEEEED good news!!!!

Jenga said...

Well I guess I am just as awful as you. How can I live with myself?!?!?!?!?!?! OH PLEASE!!

so email - tell or else!!!

Anam_Kihaku said...

oohhhh... intrige - y'know they ALL hate me on there aswell so i'm in good company it seems :)