Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Not been around

Well I have not been on to update for a week... why? well on Wednesday Monika came to play, although to be fair not much playing got done, but there was plenty of jaw exercising going on...LOL!!! Had a really good day in the sun, well Mon did, I was mainly in the shade with niblet, but my left elbow did go red!!!
Then on Thursday I went to mum's to get Olliepants back... had my hair cut way too short, but it'll grow back soon, I hope...
On Friday I started feeling unwell with dizzy spells, then when I got home I got worse!!! Saturday and Sunday were spent lying down, being sick and bumping into things.... I couldn't even bear to look at a tv/pc screen, so coming on here was a no go. Infact it was because of this symptom that Rob knew I was proper poorly...LOL!!!
Anyways, a trip to the docs yesterday and 4 doses of meds and I am upright again.... woooohoooo!!!

So what have I missed? and what do I need to catch up on?

Pencil Lines #36, a fun and busy sketch that I can't wait to do... just need to sweet talk Rob to going into the loft and printing some piccies for me, either that or use some old photos still waiting to be scrapped!!!

Scrapbooking the secret prompt #2... will have to think about this one... but have you seen Jems take on the prompt... how fab is that!!!

DT Sarabinder for Crop Til You Drop... half finished, just need to get a into g and complete it.

RAK #5... idea in head, materials gathered, hoping to do this tonight.

Birthday card to make for team swap.

CJ entry to complete ready for first posting next week.
Here are a few piccies of my CJ so far


JERM said...

i missed you and im glad you are back and feeling better!!! love your cj!! - and the dotty letter stamps. And your very kind about my STS2 lo! x

Now get off the computer and start scrapping to give me inspiration :D :D :D

Rach said...

Awww hun, glad you're feeling better - missed your blog updates.


Monika said...

Love the CJ hun. It is gorge. And I get it first. :wub: