Monday, 4 June 2007

Pencil Lines #35

And I think I might be taking the doodling backgrounds too far, because I've done it!!!

Another fabulous sketch with lots of inspiration from the Pencil Lines girlies... but as much as I love the challenges, they are playing havoc with my beauty sleep!!!
I didn't start the sketch until 10:35pm, then at 1:45am thought I had better go to bed... I normally like to get the LO done, scanned and blogged before bed, but OMG how long did that journaling take to cut up and stick down!!!!
One thing I really loved doing was playing with shrink plastic. I had forgotten I had a few sheets of it left over from way back in the day when I used to like watching/buying from create and craft *hangs head in embarrassment*
Well I am impressed and amazed by the stuff all over again... and how good do the AL stamps look in miniature!
The journaling reads;
I only left the room for a few seconds to put your pyjamas in the wash basket. When I came back in you were both still laid together on the bed. It was only when I went to upload photos later that evening that I found THIS photo on the camera. You have seen me hold the camera up to take photos so many times I guess you were just imitating. It makes me smile that you wanted to take a picture of you and Harry together... who knows maybe next time you will manage to get a little more of you both in the picture.


ikuko said...

Love the doodling! You've done a fanstastic job!!
Thanks for staying up late and play with the sketch!!

Rach said...

Fab LO Lou, I love that photo! xx

JERM said...

I LOVE that photo, its so funny and he was so close to getting them both in!! I love these stories Oliver has such a great little personaity!!

Jenga said...


Ann(i)e said...

wow...i seriously LOVE your Pencil Lines layout!!!! GORGEOUS!!

domestic goddess said...

great doodling xx

Monika said...

I love this layout. Super grrreat.

suebaru said...

Love this layout!