Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I hate Pentax!!!

Ok so I got my camera back this morning... so time wise I cannot complain, they had it less than a week. It came with a letter saying that it had had a standard PCB repair... whatever that means! So in go some freshly charged batteries... snap snap snap, and we have a couple of crystal clear photos and more with red banding!!!! It is at times like this I wish blogger came with emoticons as I would insert a big red angry face one right here!!! So what the bloody hell have they repaired??? and if they repaired it, why is it still doing the same thing!!! So I guess this afternoon will be spent trying to speak to a person and not a robot... again!!!
My advice... DO NOT buy Pentax!

I did manage to get a photo to play along with the HS:MS gang. Today's prompt is 'lever' and you can always rely on there being a toy somewhere in the house that is perfect for a HS:MS prompt, when you can't think of anything else to fit! This police car is pretty cool.. you pull the lever down and a big claw thing comes out of the front and it zooms off to catch whatever gets in its way... in this house that is usually the dog! Harry has learnt very quickly that there is hours of fun to be had tormenting the dog... balancing things on him whilst he is asleep, putting socks on to him, throwing balls for him and watching him do a scooby doo on the laminate, then pulling his whiskers trying to get the ball out of his mouth! I swear if the dog wasn't already white he would have gone grey a long time ago!
Right off to put the bear in his box, aka his cot, then on to tackle the ironing... I know there are better ways to spend baby free time, but if I get it done this afternoon, I can play tonight:)
Things are a changing on the Sprinkles blog and the Carolinez Craftz forum. The DT are going to be adding bits more often, and as of today, Tuesday is my day. We know lots of people visit Sprinkles but not many people leave comments or links to their work that has been inpired by what they see on there. For the blog to get better and better we need your input... what would you like to see more of?


Rach said...

At least you managed to get a great shot for today's prompt. Good luck with the phone calls this afternoon. If you don't get any joy from them do what I do and ask for the address to write complaints to and Watchdog. It usually works. x

Paul B said...

I'm sure dogged persistance will pay off!!! They'll tire of you soon & give in for a quiet life - just keep hounding them

Good Luck


iron-ash said...

Hi Louise,

I found you by accident and just wanted to say hello! I'll have a thorough read of your blog tonight but right now I'm at work.


Ashley (Argile)


If you happen to look at my blog I apologise if it bores you to death!

Jenga said...

At least you got a HSMS shot - better than me today (again) I think I need to ban this ironing lark!

Zoe said...

Ironing?? Yuk! But I always did it when L was asleep too!
Good luck with getting the camera sorted - keep at 'em! x

pokettiger said...

Great lever photo.

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot - I love the angle!

Hazel said...

Super lever shot. Shame about the Pentax!

Anonymous said...

Arrgh! Can't believe they sent it back unfixed... Keep annoying them. Threaten to complain to Trading Standards. Tell them you want your money back because it isn't performing as it should. Go to consumerdirect.gov.uk and ring the advisor for your area - they're particularly keen to help with Internet purchases and will help you fight your corner. Don't let them get away with it! :) Alexa

Jemma said...

i cant believe they broke it and now cant fix it, do you want me to send hamish round to scare them????