Sunday, 6 April 2008

Happy Anniversary

To us! Well we've made it this far... next year is our big anniversary... the 7 year itch one!!! In true Rob and Louise style we spent our 'special' day with friends... none of this spending romantic time together as a couple. Who better to spend the day with than best friend Annie (after all she was with us on our kind of honeymoon in Cornwall) her Rob and their beautiful girlie Lola... and not forgetting Blu the dog. We went to Chatsworth House, to spend the day in the farm and adventure park. OMG oh to be a child again... that place is fantastic. Seriously, I would have loved to have gone on the play equipment myself, normally I do but today I didn't see any other adults climbing or bouncing, so thought maybe one of the workers in red would come running out at me if I dared!
Isn't it just typical though... lots of photos taken and none of Annie, only a fleeting shot of Rob, and none of all three kiddos together, looking in the same direction at the same time! oh well... next time:)
We were really lucky with the weather too... a few light snow flurries, but mainly sunshine (oh no... am I sounding like you know who?!?!?!) It only decided to proper snow when we packing the cars up, which made the drive home very pretty... until Oliver decided to throw up all over the back of the car... nice!!! So we had to pull over on a busy road, tip puke off the booster seat, and roll up the blanket and the coats which had been covered... *note to self to pack sick bucket next time we go on a day out*
So we now have two very tired little bears in bed, although baby bear is fighting deep sleep and keeps screaming for attention... if he does it again, I swear he is going to be drugged!!!

My very good friend Miss Jemma has only gone and gotten herself on a fabby DT. She is a member of the Scrapbook Star team, which has a fantastic forum with lots of challenges and inspiration. Jems put up this sketch for the daily inspiration, and last night I had a bash at it. I rotated the sketch and changed the direction of the scallops. I have to say that I think Scenic Route are my new favourite papers... I love them.
Go and check out the forum... you get 'star bucks' for each post you write and for taking part in the challenges... the star bucks can be saved up and used to buy lottery tickets to win prizes... how good is that!
Anyway... been a great day, but a tiring one after a late night and a too early Harry bear alarm call, so better go and catch some zzzzzzzzz.... I have the hospital in the morning to discuss the removal of my wisdom teeth... eeeek!!!


Rach said...

Happy Anniversary and good luck with the appointment this morning. x

Jenga said...

Happy Anniversary for yesterday (again). Looks like you had a great day. Love the LO - still finding my way around the SS site. Good luck this morning xxx

Paul Browning said...

Lovely LO. Glad you had a fab day!!! Cross Fingers that all goes well with the teeth :)

Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary for yesterday! x

Jemma said...

iim going crazy i would have swore ileft a message yesterday

Thanks!! xxxx and thanks for taking part!! LOVE the fact that you rae in teh photos with your boys!!

glad you had a good day and silly billy for not getting more photos!!