Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Cameraless.... again!!!

Not a happy bunny! When I got the camera back last Wednesday, I noticed that a couple of the photos had red horizontal banding on them. I contacted Pentax, who pointed the finger at me, saying it could be a sign of misuse. They wouldn't take any responsibility that the problem had been caused by them... the camera had never had banding on before, yet it was my fault that this has happened whilst the camera was in their possession?!?!?! go figure!!!
Yesterday I tried ringing again to speak to someone else... after been passed from one automated robot to another, I finally got the option to speak to customer services... they picked up the phone and put it straight down.... ggggrrrrrrrrr!!!
So the camera has been packaged up and sent off... again. I even bought a new memory card this morning thinking maybe it was a problem with the card and not the camera, but oh no... we still have banding and it is getting worse.
So here I am again... no camera:( It makes me wish I had paid the couple hundred pounds extra to get a Canon.

Not much to report really... been a strange few days.... I have been considering returning to work as a position has become available in a school where a very good friend works. I have struggled for a few days to write a strong letter of application, but now that is done I have no excuse not to apply... apart from the sinking feeling in my heart that I really do not feel ready to go back to full time teaching just yet. I really am torn between the thought of leaving Harry with someone else, and someone else picking Oliver up from school, and the fact that we would be £30,000+ better off a year if I did go back to work.... it's a head versus heart dilemma. Not sure what the outcome will be yet.

I have some new chipboard bits and bobs from Carolinezcraftz to play with today, so hopefully I will find some scrapping time tonight... maybe whilst the apprentice is on in a bid to stop me shouting at the idiots with over inflated egos. These people are meant to be the best in the business world... you are kidding right! Is there anyone else who watches and cringes and knows that they could most definitely do a better job at some of the tasks?

I also need to go and buy a 35mm film.... my dear friend Jems sent me a fish eye camera, and I sooooo need to get playing with it.... the photos on my LOs may never be normal again...LOL!!!


Rach said...

Noooooo total nightmare - hope they sort it properly this time and that its returned quickly and in full working order!


Paul Browning said...

If you want £30,000 more a year, have you thought of telling hubby to work 2 jobs. That way you still get to look after kiddies. For me its a no brainer - more money and less time spent with kids, I know which option I'd go for !!!


Jenga said...

LOL @ Paul !!! Art TEACHER Paul!!! All day EVERYDAY with kids LOL And not even ones you love!!

You will figure it out hun xx

Jemma said...

Paul's got the right idea!! =D

what will be will be, thats what everyone kept telling me a couple years ago! and whats for you wont go by you!

good luck making the decision!

Rach said...

That's terrible about the camera, I despise bad customer service there is no excuse.
As for the job I can see your dilemma an extra £30,000 would come in handy but as a stay at home Mum until this year when the youngest went to High School I can see the other side too. x

Anonymous said...

Rotton luck to have two big things in your psyche in one week, Lou ... Blooming firms not taking responsibility ... arrgh! As for the dilemma, in case this of any help, I've noticed that sometimes when a decision is difficult, it's because we don't have all the information needed to make it yet. Perhaps proceeding with the application (since there's no commitment and pulling out at any point is an option) could give you more information about how you feel about it at each stage? But what do I know! Good luck with it anyway ... Thinking of you. :) Alexa