Thursday, 10 April 2008

How Behind Am I???

With my A-Z journal..... I have only just done my 'b' page *hangs head in shame*
So now I am up to C... and I think everyone else is up to G, well Paul has done his G page, but is he up to date???
Any way, it's no crafting spectacular, but it is done. I have another page to do for 'b' too, as my journal will have pages added where necessary... so some letters my have more entries than others.
I included the letter, but didn't make it into a title as I didn't think it was needed... it's fairly obvious that it is about the bathroom! The left hand side is cream and gold, and I used some minging rub ons I got in a kit. I didn't intend for this side to look nice, as the old bathroom didn't look at all nice. The right hand side is white and black with a flash of turquoisey blue... no fancy bits, nice clean lines... just like my beautiful new bathroom. The tag that hangs between the two pages has been decorated with a couple of lavvies from Carolinezcraftz... we have these stuck on the bathroom door and they look fabby do! and an absolute bargain at 50p the pair.

Onto HS:MS, yesterday's prompt was 'post', normally we get lots of post in this house... but yesterday this was the only thing we got. It is an advertisement for a play written and performed by Rob's cousin Sophie Woolley. She has a couple of dates in Manchester later this month, so we are planning to off load the kiddos and go and see it.
Today's prompt is 'secure'. What can be more secure than a locked door? This is the back door lock and the key is usually left in so that we don't have to faff when we let the dog out/go to put rubbish in the bin/have to run out to get the washing in because it's raining.... again! The front door keys we don't leave in, as Harry Houdini can turn them and get out!
Right off to do some scrapping... I waste far too much time on the pooter, so tonight I am going to switch it off and do something productive:)

HS:MSers, I will catch up with your blogs tomorrow.


SuzyB said...

Oooh is your bathroom finished now? Nothing nicer than a new bathroom is there. Cept maybe a new bathroom thats fitted properly I should imagine. I feel inspired to an A to Z journal now - youve made me come over all scrappy x

Aubrey Harns said...

Hope you have fun scrapping - I might scrap this weekend if I'm given the chance! Great shot.

Hazel said...

Hope you're enjoying your scrapping evening. Great shots.

Jemma said...

if it cheers you up ive not even started my alphabet so you are way ahead of me!!

Diana said...

Great shots and your A to z is loking great. We are doing H this weekend LOL. You have some catching up to do LOL.
Love Di

Paul B said...

I was caught up - but H has popped into my inbox :) You'll have to have a splurge at the next crop. Hope you got some scrap time last night :)


Shannon said...

I too am behind on my A-Z Journal. I am stuck on E. I am also behind on my HSMS but trying to get caught up this weekend.