Saturday, 12 April 2008

I love sketches

Over at Scrapbook Star the lovely Jems has put another lovely sketch together as part of the daily inspiration. Last night I forced myself to get off my fat bum and do some scrapping, and I feel much better for it. I get quite stressed about not scrapping, because I feel I should be doing it, that my mojo ups and does one so I can't scrap anyway... does that make sense?!?!?! I had a lot of fun last night rearranging my overflowing stash area, so I have decided that I will do something creative everyday for the next week... I didn't say any longer as I so know that I would fail miserably!
Anyway... I worked with Jems sketch, and did this LO of Oliver on the beach last summer. It's one of those photos that isn't fantastic, but the memory associated with it needs remembering. He kept sifting through the sand, digging with his spade, saying he was looking for treasure. When I asked him if it was pirate treasure he was looking for he said, very matter of fact, 'Don't be silly mummy, pirates don't come to Mablethorpe for their holiday'. Of course... how silly of me!
Yesterday I did do the HS:MS prompt, which was 'recycle', I just didn't get around to posting it. I braved the miserable Manchester rain to go into the garden to take a piccie of the recycling bin. We live in an area full of winos I swear. All you hear on a Sunday morning from the back garden is the sound of bottle being dropped into the bins... in fact the neighbour always comments on how heavy our bin is compared to theirs.... oooeerrrr, time to cut back methinks...LOL!!! Although in our defense we do use a lot of jars in a week, and they are VERY heavy!
Today's prompt is to take a piccie of someone else... well already this morning Thing 2 has broken a cup, tipped the dog's water over, opened one of the freezers and tipped frozen peas everywhere, and here we can see him trying to pull the blind down!!! As I type this he is trying to rip into a pizza box full of goodies that has just been delivered!!! And he has another nice bruise on the side of his head after falling over the back of the sofa yesterday... his new favourite past time!!!
Rob is out djing again tonight so I will have a night to myself... as soon as the kiddos are in bed I will visit blogs, then plan to do another LO.


Bambi said...

wow what a handful! hehehe ... but fun (^_^)

Rach said...

LOL at Thing 2 sounds like he is like a little mini tornado. x

Hazel said...

Love the LO and the photos. Enjoy your evening.

Shannon said...

Great recycle shot! Loving the picture of Thing 2! I think it is his red hair I love the most!

Jenga said...

Hurricane Harry strikes again LOL

Jemma said...

thank you so very much for taking part, i LOVE your lo!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that wee man, sometimes im not sure how you have the energy for him but i adore him (oh and i feel so sorry for Oliver and Jaspa!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Love that LO, and the great story behind it, Lou! Hope you've had peace to scrap some more tonight :)