Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Poo pants!!!

My camera has broken:( It's nothing serious, the bit that you plug your pc cable into has pushed into the camera body, so although I can still take pics I can't upload them! So my poor little baby has been wrapped up and sent off to the camera hospital... lordy knows how long it will be away. I have tried to take a couple of pics for the HS:MS prompts, but the point and press is soooooooo bad I had a paddy, and deleted the images... LOL!!!
I will have a go again tomorrow, although to be honest taking pics will be the last thing on my mind as we have various tradesmen in and out at the moment. As I type we have a plumber upstairs removing the old bathroom suite... the plasterer comes tomorrow to make the bathroom look a little less like a war torn country. We will be without facilities until Friday when the new suite will be going in... then the tiler will be coming on Monday/Tuesday. So I just need to arrange for the floor fitter to come and then we will have a finished bathroom!

So another post with no piccies... but I am half way through a LO, and will scan it and share it tomorrow.

Thanks for the messages of support I have received through blog comments and PMs on UKS and phone calls. It's good to know that I have good friends.


Jemma said...

i cant believe you broke your camera!!

cant wait to see the lo though! xx

Rach said...

No camera!! Nightmare!

Sending it get well soon wishes :D