Friday, 7 March 2008

Bad blogger!!!

I have such good intentions about blogging everyday... I log on to HS:MS to see the prompt, take my photo, and then don't get round to actually blogging!!! Mind you, I haven't done much of anything this week. It has been a week of smiles for me though... the biggest being because Harry took his first faltering steps on Wednesday. He now thinks it is really clever to stand unaided and hold toys above his head... he can stand for ages on his own, nut has only managed 5 little steps... I can't believe my baby is growing so fast. Another smile came from a lovely surprise present from my best friend Annie. A gorgeous Momiji note book and some Momiji body lotion. Mwah Mwah Mwah... hugs and kisses to you.
I really need to get a wriggle on so this is going to be a quickie post... I plan to have a nice long soak in the bath, de fuzz my wolf legs (yes they really are that bad), then I am going to scrap the night away. Tomorrow I am taking the boys to Slide and Seek in Hyde, whilst Rob removes the tiles from the minging bathroom. Tonight I want to get some scrapping done... and I have a mini book I need to get done urgently for Carolinezcraftz. So on to my HS:MS catch up.

Fluff... we have plenty of the stuff!!! This bit came out of my belly button
Only joking!!!! It is actually off the dogs bed, but found it's way into the living room, where Harry had great fun blowing it across the floor... he was most upset when I put it in the bin to stop Freya from eating it!
Jar... we are a love it house. Marmite is divine and goes with everything. I seriously love marmite... none of this squeezy rubbish... proper gloopy, make the knife sticky marmite... yummmy!!!
Badge... well, we have no 'badge of honour' in this house (sorry Jen I couldn't resist), so my badge is one on Oliver's denim jacket. I wouldn't have even thought of this had the jacket been on the peg where it should have been. It obviously fell off the peg when he was getting his school coat, and being (a) a boy and (b) like his dad, the coat stayed where it fell!!!
Righty ho then, off I go... I will be back later to catch up with all the blogs:) Have a great evening.


Jenga said...

ha bliddy ha!!!! You're just jealous, wolfie!!! LOL

Louise said...

I very nearly stopped reading at belly button fluff! glad I didn't as I love love love your badge shot.

Deanne said...

umm marmite, i am a lover but use to be hater of marmite ummm lol
great shots louise x

etteY said...

all great shots! :D

Rach said...

Great shots. Well done that boy! Marmite - I'm a hater. x

JACKIE M said...

Great photos,never tried marmite.

Jemma said...

you are disgusting, although your a girl, therefor no belly button fluff, why is it only guys that get it????

great shots! as for marmite, love it (but thinly spread!)

MJ said...

Know what you mean about where the times goes!! Great photos, LOL at the Belly fluff, and Yuk on the Marmite !!

Mj x