Tuesday, 4 March 2008

*happy dancing*

Work on the bathroom starts next Friday.... WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! So by Wednesday of the following week we will have a new brand spanking new, sparkly white bathroom.... oh happy day!!! Can you tell I am excited about having this done? It is the last room in the house that has the previous owners stamped all over it, and considering we have been here 4 years it has been a long time to live with someone else's yak taste. The garage conversion is due to start first week of May, which Rob is very excited about.
A downer from today is that I have the appointment through to have my wisdom teeth removed :( I have to go to Tameside hospital, which I thought was a good thing as I'd be sedated... but it seems not. The woman I spoke to today laughed at me and said that they don't sedate for tooth removal. PAH! we'll see the look on her face when they try and get any kind of instrument in my mouth with me awake... it's not going to happen!
On to today's HS:MS prompt which is 'calm'. In this mad house calm is a rarity! But this morning I got half an hour of peace and quiet whilst Harry bear had his morning nap. I didn't dare sneak in to take a piccie of him asleep in case the click of the camera woke him up... so I took a piccie of the monitor downstairs. The unlit red lights show that all is calm in the bedroom above... just a pity it never lasts long!
Whilst Harry slept I finished the LO started at the crop on Sunday. I actually only stamped the word birthday on to it, and thought I'd leave it as it is. I hate doing birthday/Christmas LOs, I don't know why... so i decided to tackle this as though it wasn't a birthday LO. Nothing special or clever on this LO, but I like the way the papers work together, and I finally used some of my chipboard numbers.... I have so many mounting up, but now I have 6 less... I feel a stash spend coming on...LOL!!!


Zoe said...

Poor you, I'm with you on the sedation thing - they'd have to knock me out! Great idea and shot for the calm prompt - love it!

maz said...

You sound amazingly calm considering what's ahead of you... bathrooms and teeth!
Good luck with both...look forward to seeing the photos!

Bambi said...

nice take on calm (^_^)

Serena said...

Its the calm feeling that comes with knowing you have just five minutes peace, As a mummy to a toddler i know only too well the feeling that still light on your monitor brings.

Deanne said...

now that is the best calm ever x

Jemma said...

oooh love the lo!!!!

sorry about earlier, but honestly the worst is waiting to get it done, then just after its done. Honesly if i can do it and im a moaning faced wimp you will do it no problems, need i remind you youve given birth TWICE!!!!!!!

Rach said...

Lovely take on calm! I had a wisdom tooth out a couple of years ago. I HATE the dentist with a passion get the sweats just thinking about it but I managed to get there somehow. I would be telling porkies if I said it was pleasent but it certainly wasn't as bad as I thought. At the time we had my cousin staying with us from Canada so 3 hours later we were in Derbyshire climbing up to Thors cave with no ill effects. x

Shannon said...

Trying to play catch up a few blogs at a time. Hope all went well with the tooth removal and that you are still having some calm.
I remember those days of the monitors. Great calm.
Great layout! Harry is an August 1st baby?