Thursday, 3 January 2008

HS:MS is back

The girls are back with the daily prompts... it's funny how much you actually miss this when it is holiday time. Anyway, the first prompt of the new year is 'white'. This has already been a prompt so I had to have another think, so as not to repeat what I did last time.
With all the weather reports about heavy snowfall expected in some areas of the UK, I was very excited to see snow falling this morning. It has snowed on and off during the day, and is snowing now... but it is the really fine stuff that isn't settling.... boooooooo!!! So yet again it looks like we will go unsnowed on *insert big unhappy face*
We do however have some snow in our space... these snowflakes on our window which Rob, Oliver and I made before Christmas. The tree and decorations are down, but Oliver wants these to stay up a bit longer.
This isn't my photo for the prompt today though... this isFor those of you with boys I am sure you have these in your space too... they are the winders for Beyblades. Oliver got three for Christmas along with the stadium which is too big to fit in any cupboard!!! This is winder goes with the red beyblades which no one ever wants as it is always the loser... not that we are competitive in this family...LOL!!!


Bobs said...

I love those snowflakes - they're gorgeous!

My grandson used to love his beyblades, but he's more into Dr. Who now!

Anonymous said...

Great take on today's word Louise, love the snowflakes :D
Was wondering what the second pic was...glad you would have driven me mad :D

Jen said...

very cool white shot!
love the snowflakes too

Shannon said...

We keep our snowflakes up until at least March. That is usually when we stop having snow. So, snowflakes and snowmen stay out longer than christmas decorations. Love the snowflakes you made though!

amandamagpie said...

Your snowflakes are very sophisticated, Louise! Ours were a bit tatty compared to yours, but they look fab and I think you should keep them up a bit longer. x

Bambi said...

lol ... great shot!

Anonymous said...

wow you are a snow flake demon- they are good!!!!

love your white shot!


Jemma - it wont let me sign in???

Jenga said...

Cool snowflakes :D No Beyblades here - YET! LOL

Sue Nicholson said...

DS is 15 and he had Beyblades and some sort of arena to spin them in! LOL harmless fun . . . at 15 we now have other "issues" !!!

So great take on the prompt and love how you shot it against a white background, see I would have been predictable and gone for black.


Rach said...

Love the snowflakes - beyblades sound, er fun! hee hee

Jolanda said...

Great take on the word.