Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Decided to have a go

At scraplifting one of Celine Navarro's LOs. I cannot believe how difficult this was to do... I luuuuuurve Celine's work, and frequent her blog daily seeking new posts. Trying to lift a LO of one of your scrapping idols, and do justice to it was sooooo hard. I decided to lift this LO, and I am really happy with the outcome. OK so it not as funky as a Celine LO, but I like it all the same, and enjoyed the challenge.The photos were all taken by my mum a few years ago. We took her and dad to a road at the end of the runway at Manchester airport. It's a great place as the planes come in really low above your head to land, every time we go there is always a cluster of people plane spotting...some with notebooks and binoculars and radios to listen to air traffic control... we just go to look, so we are not sad at all!!!
Anyway, on this day mum decided to take her camera, and snapped away using a whole film, as this was before digi cams were available at reasonable prices. It was only when she got the film developed that she realised she had of photos of the grey Manchester sky, a few with parts of the plane either coming or going, and lots of the bus stop....LOL!!! This is the best photo of the lot... as in it is the one with the most of the plane showing! It still makes me laugh looking at these photos... but now we are in the age of the digital camera, shots like these would now be erased, which is a shame. There was this thread on UKS a while back about the worst photos people had taken, you should look... it is hilarious!
Forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, hope 2008 sees all your dreams come true.


Jemma said...

love love love this lo!! think its funky and fun!!

celine navarro said...

you did a fantastic work, Louise!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Fab layout Louise love your interpretation :D
I've taken plenty of naff photos myself lol think I should dig them out :D
Happy New Year :D

Gabby said...

love youe blog Lou