Saturday, 29 December 2007

The start of a new me

Well maybe not... that does sound a bit OTT, but it is the start of being better to myself.

I have started soooooo many diets in my time, that to say this diet is going to be the one that works would almost certainly be met with lots of groans, eye rolling and 'yeah rights' from people who know me. So this time I have decided to keep it all low key... as in I am not telling friends and family I am on a 'diet', in fact i'm not even classing this as a diet... it's more a change in how I treat myself. I figure if I take better care of myself I will feel better about myself, and as a result be less likely to comfort eat.

I have made a journal that I will add to each week, on the flap of the front cover there is a reminder of the trigger that made me determined to succeed this time. In the past I have always set my sights on the end goal... which in my case is 27lbs away. I think this is always going to set you up to fail... as even losing a pound, which is good, still leaves you such a long way from the end goal, that it is easy to become demoralised. So this time I am setting myself mini targets that should be able to be achieved... my first target is to lose 6lbs to get a stacking set of cats eye inks. One of my end targets will be to get a BIA... so I have to work blimmin hard if i want to get my hands on one!!!
On the back of the first entry, there is a piccie of my in my undies which is such a horrific sight I will not share it with you... and my start weight and measurements... I knew that tape measure that came out of my christmas cracker would come in to good use!!

I am still eagerly awaiting a delivery from the US of 5 Scarlet Lime kits... they were shipped from San Francisco on the 14the December, but there is still no sign of them at this end:( Also waiting for some stamps from the US and no sign of them either.... all we got today was a flippin 7" record.... boooooooooooo!!!!

Got to go and do a boring food shop after lunch... all 4 of us are going, so there could well be a couple of fallings out along the way...LOL!!!


Andie said...

You are either very brave or quite mad, don't know which yet. A picture in your undies OMG actual photographic evidence. Maybe its what I need ;)

Jemma said...

good luck with the supermarket shop!!

i only got my SL on the 20/21st?? so it would have thought it could be a couple more weeks????

love the pp you have used and love the journal and you do deserve to be good to yourself!!! xx

now just remember to keep it somewhere it can remind you on a daily basis!! feel bad not starting mine for a few weeks now!

Jemma said...

OMG LOL at Andie's comments - id go with mad!! :P

Natalie said...

Well i think this sounds great and a better way of looking at things. Good luck! x

amandamagpie said...

What a fabulous, positive approach, Louise. I hope you will keep us updated because I, for one, could really do with the inspiration. Best of luck with it. x

Ruth said...

oh my -- you're brave but it's got me thinking too

Jenga said...

GREAT idea :)

Did you all survive the food shop??? ;)

I think you have the SL kits and are keeping them from the rest of us :P


Craftyangel said...

What a fab idea, you have got me thinking. Love the small reward system, great idea

Helsbells said...

Great little album and those Amy Butler papers are my absolute fav!

Good luck with your plan!

MJ said...

Love the journal idea, and I agree with andie over the photographic evidence although it is always a good idea, I have a photo a friend took of me over the summer, stomach hanging all over the place and that is my inspiration, will keep checking back on how you are doing hun.

We got our DS that ship last year and I cannot believe it only took you a couple of hours to put it together, it took us all blooming day!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Mj xx

CresceNet said...

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Rachael said...

Just popped in to say Happy New Year. Good look with the looking after yourself. I lost over 5 stone a few years ago by doing the small steps rather than huge leaps. I am now doing the same again as over the last year have managed to put some back on but I don't have to loose so much and I know how much better I feel when I have done it! x

Shannon said...

OMG! That is flipping cool. Make my journal look like something a 9 yr old did! You did a fabulous job on it!