Thursday, 27 December 2007

He came, he went

and he left LOADS of pressies!!!!Because Mum and Dad were staying, we were on the sofa bed in Oliver's room. At 3:10am he crept into our bed and started asking if it was morning yet. Every 10/15 minutes, he would ask, until he finally fell asleep at 6:30am, by which time I though I might as well get up and get showered and hair dried and straightened. Then Harry bear woke up at 7:00, then mum and dad and Rob got up... we all got ready, and who was still asleep snoring his little head off.... Oliver!!! At 8:15am I decided to wake him, and he took a lot of waking!!!

Everybody was pleased with their pressies, but isn't it just typical that the pressie that got the biggest response of excitement from Oliver, was a cheapie that had been given by a friend of my mum's!!! He was pretty impressed that Santa had got him this dragons ship, which is for 'big boys', and took mummy a couple of hours to put together!!!
Harry loved all of his new toys and had bashed and thrown most of them withing minutes of them being opened.... LOL!
Thought I'd include a couple of piccies of the adults too... I think I am looking a bit Santa Claus like in that red cardie... maybe a few too many calories consumed over the festive period!!!

Will be back tomorrow... hopefully with something crafty to show... if I get round to scrapping tonight!!!


Jenga said...

What red cardi??? There are no pics of you! Glad you had a good day and the boys enjoyed their pressies :D

Jemma said...

Im with Jen but i think its just too much drink over christmas that makes you think you are the santa in the second to last photo :P

im so coming to your house for christmas next year what a pile of presents!!!!!!!!!

gald you had a good time you look as though you did and Oliver looks chuffed to have his granny and granda with him!!!

Jemma said...

thats a great family photo!!!you look fantastic!!

nikki said...

love the pile of pressies - makes ours look more reasonable lol!!

sounds like a fun day for all :)