Friday, 21 December 2007

Last day of peace!!!

Well today is the last day of my 'peaceful' routine. Peaceful is used loosely as quite often the days are not peaceful at all, but they do run to routine, and Harry has his set sleep and feed times... all this is going to be disrupted at approximately 1:10pm this afternoon, when Oliver breaks up for the Christmas break... closely followed by Rob!!!
Harry's behaviour will change because his dad will be around, which will then throw the timing of his routine out, which will lead to chaos and confusion and a frazzled mummy!!!

Blogging could well fall by the wayside over the next couple of weeks, and I certainly won't get the chance to do much scrapping, if any. Tonight I am going to sit and do... and maybe tomorrow night too, but then that will be it:(

Last night was a good night, the food was good the company was hilarious and the drinks were flowing. I decided to drink JD and coke in a tall glass, and I sooooo enjoyed it, took me right back to being a student and drinking at Henry J. Beans by Clifford's Tower in York... not that I can remember a great deal of the many nights we spent in there!!!

It was a mad mad rush to get ready in time a Oliver threw a spanner in the works by breaking the zip on his coat at school. So on what felt like the coldest day of the year, he has a coat that didn't do up! So off the three of us go to the retail park up the road... battle to find a parking space, get into an argument with a STOOOPID man who thought it was ok to park in a parent and child space with no child.... why are people so inconsiderate with these spaces?!?!? I never park in one of these spaces unless I have Harry with me. Even if I have Oliver I park in a normal space as he can get in and out of the car on his own, and is capable of walking to the shop. You see so many people do it, and it makes my blood boil. They would be the first to complain if their car got damaged by someone with a baby who had been forced to park in a skinny normal space and had hit their car with the door or a baby carrier..... ggggrrrrrrrrr!!!!
After he refused to move and told me to F**** off and went on his jolly way, I went and got the parking attendant and said STOOOPID man got a ticket for £40. That made me feel much better, especially when I saw him in TK Maxx and he glared at me, and I could smile back knowing that he had a nice surprise waiting for him on his windscreen...LOL!!!!

Anyway, back to the hunt for a winter coat.... 5 shops down and not one coat for a boy in the size we needed. So when it looked like Oliver might be coming home in a pink number with a furry hood, Mothercare saved the day and had one in the stock room. So although it is a nice coat, we didn't get a choice... it was that or pink!!!

Anita has the most gorgeous puppy which is perfect for today's prompt of 'cute'. We have plenty of cute in our space too, but both my cameras are out of action with depleted batteries. I think it is my fault as I never charge them fully, just charge them for a bit, use them, charge for a bit again... so they are all plugged in and will be left until the lights go out, ready for the festivities that lay ahead. So my piccie today is a cheat. I was sorting pics out on the lappy, renaming and filing ready to saved to CD, and I found this one of Oliver holding Harry was he was a newish baby. I love the piccie of Oliver, Harry looks a bit squashed, but both in my opinion are very cute.


amandamagpie said...

They are certainly both very cute, Louise, and those sweet little rosy cheeks are gorgeous! x

Shannon said...

Your boys are always cute no matter how you capture them. That shot is cute with the finger holding.

Shannon said...

Your boys are always cute no matter how you capture them. That shot is cute with the finger holding.

pokettiger said...

What a cute photo! P.S. I hope the holidays aren't as hectic as you fear.

Jen said...

aw, a very cute shot - look at those eyes!

Aubrey Harns said...

Darling shot - love those rosy checks!

Hazel said...

Totally cute!

Jemma said...

great pic and good luck with the peace, ill miss you on saturday night! xx

Rachael said...

Very very cute. x