Friday, 4 January 2008

We're off

to my mum's for the weekend. We are going out on Sunday to have a pre birthday party for Harry bear. I can't believe that he is going to be 1 on Tuesday... where has the time gone. I am feeling a little sad by it all... he could well be last baby and he is just growing up so quickly. He has gone in the space of 4 weeks from not commando crawling, to crawling on his hands and knees, to speed crawling, to pulling himself up on everything!!! the other day he let go of the sofa and leaned back on the chair, and just stood there for ages clapping his hands.
He is lots of fun, and is at a wonderful stage in his development... I just wish I could have a few moments with my little baby again!!!

Anyway enough of that... we are going to a pub that has a play area so Oliver will be entertained and be able to run and climb off some energy. Mum is getting Harry a cake... I suspect it will be a chocolate caterpillar cake... we like them in in this family... LOL!!!
The prompt for today is 'perfume'. Now I used to have really big problems finding perfume that I could wear. For some reason most perfumes I would try would STINK like cat pee within half an hour of being sprayed on. I only found 2 that I could wear, and one of those (typically my favourite) is now unavailable. So today's photo is of my Davidoff Cool Water perfume... a gift from Jackie and Andrew for looking after Reuben during the Autumn term.
Before Christmas I was queuing in Boots and the woman behind me smelt gorgeous... I asked her what she was wearing, then went and tried some on... and YEY!!! It smells nice on me too... so when I receive my first pay from looking after Freya I am going to go and get me a bottle of DKNY Be Delicious.

Have a fabby weekend everyone... I will be back on Sunday, with my SPS and SOS.


Rachael said...

Great shots of your smellies! I so understand about the beyblades from yesterday too. x

Rach said...

Fab pic!

Have a great weekend! x

Jen said...

i love be delicious! i wear it lots - it's so yummy!

love your blue on orange, very coll angle!

maz said...

Love the orange background, great shot!

Aubrey Harns said...

Super shot!

Jenga said...

Have a great weekend - I can't believe you have found "something better to do"!!!! ;) ;) LOL

H is exactly 35 years younger than Tich :D

Love the perfume shot xx

Bambi said...

love cool water too!

Anonymous said...

Great shot... it looks lovely :D

Enjoy your weekend :D

Jemma said...

LOve the pic!! know what you mean about most perfumes smelling like cat wee im the same!!

have a great time at your mams and make sure H and O get spoilt!!!!