Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Santa baby

Here is the photo of my babies with Santa. It makes me laugh looking at Harry's face... he looks a little concerned about sitting on a strange, hairy man's knee... LOL!!! This morning I made a Christmas decoration with Reuben. Obviously I did all the cutting, but he did the painting and added the glitter... he loved it. Oliver was so envious when he got home that I have promised we will make more at the weekend... somehow I think Oliver will make more mess than Reuben did!Had a little shopping spree this afternoon. I had to go and get a pair of white tights for Oliver for his nativity dress rehearsal tomorrow. He is the inn keeper, although we are not sure what kind of inn he is keeping wearing white tights!!! This could well be the first gay nativity... LOL!

Anyway, thought I would have a quick mooch in a few shops to see if I could pick a top up for the mum's night out in a couple of weeks. I got a lovely top, but then needed some shoes too. I found a lovely pair of silly high shoes, tried them on and they fit like they were made for me. The price said £45 reduced to £20, then when I got to the till they scanned at £5. I paid the girl quick and hot footed it out of the shop in case there was a mistake!!!
Tried the shoes and top on with my jeans when I got back and OMG I so tower above Rob... good job he's not coming on the girls night out then!!!


Jenga said...

Lol at the strange hairy man - Joshy was the same!! They look so cute though ;) LOVE the reindeer! Might have to do that with James at weekend too :) We avoided the gay nativity scenario by getting white longjohns from m&s!!! At least he can wear them as PJ bottoms for the rest of the winter ;)

Did you wangle the 15th yet??? did ya??? did ya??? huh???

SuzyB said...

How cute is that photo?? LOL

Brill reindeer :o)

Jemma said...

its not a strange hairy man its Santa!!!

your boys are sooo cute and i cant believe how alike they are (im sorry) but they are both gorgeous!!!

Ruben looks like he is having fun, can i make some too????

As for poor Rob, id be thankful, i was in 4" heels at the weekend and Barry was still way taller than me and i had sore feet!