Monday, 3 December 2007

It's official

Christmas is on the way!!! Our tree is up, the advent calenders are causing mini arguments between a 4 year old and a 38 year old... I kid you not!!!
We went to mum's for the weekend and had a great time. A bit of shopping, a visit to see Santa.... and YEY!!! we got a photo with Oliver NOT crying... the first one. A piccie will follow once I have scanned it. Isn't it typical though, he asked Santa for the one thing that we have not got him... so I will have to nip out and get something of the pirates of the Caribbean variety!!!

I have had a creative weekend.... finished the doodle class which can be found under weekly classes over at Carolinez Crafts. And finished my Christmas mini book for Scrapfairies, which will be up soon. I am hoping to do a little me time scrapping tonight, although I suspect that Rob is going to insist we sort the boxes in the loft.... boooooooo!!!!

Anyway, a little HSMS catch up. Friday's prompt was 'soft' and I took a piccie of a soft puppy ear in Harry's favourite touchy feely book, that's not my puppy. On Saturday I had my hair cut... it's a bit shorter at the back so I took a piccie of it for self portrait Saturday.
Today's prompt is 'cozy', and I took a piccie of my cozy slippers. I love these slippers as they keep my feet toasty warm and are really easy to walk in. I don't know if it is just me, but I trip up all over the place in normal slippers!!! These have sucker things on the bottom too so no more slip sliding on the laminate.


Bobs said...

That's a lovely haircut, Louise. Well done for managing to get a shot of the back of your head! LOL

Love the slippers too!

Bambi said...

great catchups and those slippers look really comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Fab cosy pics Louise and I just love the new haircut!!

Jenga said...

Hair looks cool and love the slipers Missy ;) Be back later to see Ollie smiling :D

Aubrey Harns said...

Great pictures Louise. I love your new haircut - SUPER cute! And your slippers are darling - the color is great!

Jemma said...

oooh slippers look cozy!!!

love your hair but i have NO idea how you managed to get a pic of the back of your head!!

hope your boys settle down soon :)

jus think next eyar it will be all three of them!

Hazel said...

Lovely little catch up - lovely the cosy toes! Glad you had a good w/e

Diana said...

Great new haircut and love them cosy slippers!

pokettiger said...

What a fun haircut! Love the slippers. Just love having something warm and cozy on my feet too.

SuzyB said...

Smashing haircut, I never know what I want doing with my hair when I go and it always ends up looking the same.

Love those cosy toes, I have a pair in pink :o)