Monday, 17 December 2007

Monkey business

There's been a bit of monkey business going on in this house today!!! Harry and Reuben helped me to make monkey muffins this morning. At first there was only one wooden spoon being used, but then that lead to squabbles, so they had a spoon each. That was all very well until Reuben took the spoon off Harry, so Harry kicked the bowl and went to bite Reuben!!! Oh the traumas of baking with little ones!!!Anyway, monkey muffins baked to perfection, and sampled by both boys after lunch... not many crumbs so they must be good!
Had a visitor this morning... a 9 month old girl called Freya. She will be my first customer in my new venture as a childminder. She is so adorable, and I think judging by how she was this morning she will give Harry a run for his money. Wonder if having a little pink in the house will stop me from feeling so broody!!!

Today's prompt is 'drawers'. I used my craft drawers for a prompt a while back so didn't want to do that again. The boys both have wooden advent calenders. Oliver's is a house that you open the doors on, and Harry has a train with 2 carriages each containing 6 drawers on either side. This is drawer number 17, the one we opened today to find a chocolate Santa.


Louise Woolford. said...

love your lil drawers, and mmmmmm monkey muffins yummy.

Jen said...

lovely drawers. those muffins looks delish!

Bambi said...

those drawers are so cute!

Jenga said...

send us a muffin ;)

ooh gonna copy your draw pic as I haven't got round to doing mine yet ;)

maz said...

Brave you, cookin' with kids! And taking up childminding as a career- I admire you hugely!

Sue Nicholson said...

Loved reading about the muffins :-)

Joshua went through a phase of trying to bit Sarah when she was young . . . mainly to get some sort of, indeed any, response from her even if it was tears!!!

Great drawer shot :-)


Jemma said...

couldnt see the photos early but love this the boys are so cute together and the muffins look GOOD!!

and woo hooo about your client!!! xx

Shannon said...

Those boys are having way too much fun! I want to join in! I love all your shots as always. Loving the angle of the drawer shot!