Saturday, 15 December 2007

Crop Day

Today was the last Cheadle crop of 2007 and we went out on a high... celebrating with a chip shop lunch!!! I got 1 and 3/4 LOs done, which is not bad going for me, and my stash shopping came to less than £4... which is probably the least amount I have ever spent on a stash shop!!!

I did this LO of Harry in his Elmer Fudd hat.

A really bad attempt at HSMS this week... I am just not getting the hang of this self portrait milarky, which shows as this is out of focus, but is the best of a very bad lot!!! I really should find the tripod and stop trying to hold the camera out at arms length!!!
Right off to entertain thing 1 with a few games of animal snap before bed.

Will catch up tomorrow with a proper post.


Jemma said...

Great lo! - love the picture in the corner of the photos - did you draw it? :o

love this and i love teh photo of you you look lovely!!

Natalie said...

Thats not a bad picture what you on about!

I never take a good picture....remember the one you have!!??

Jen said...

great LO and sps :D
you don't need a tripod, just a shelf/ledge/table and the self timer :D

Jemma said...

OMG those cheeks in the right hand side photo - i swear he is just the cutest little dumpling they make me want to squeeze him!!!