Saturday, 18 August 2007

Honey I'm home!!!

We are back after a fabby time away. We had 4 good days on the beach so we are happy, and a little healthier looking than before!

The boys had such a great time in the fresh air. Oliver loved the sand train, the Thomas road train the donkeys and the fair. Harry loved putting his toes in the sand and putting the sand in his mouth...LOL!!!

Even though we had a great time I am glad to be back... there is too much temptation at the seaside for a person like me, and I have eaten nothing but cr*p for the WHOLE week... eeek!!! don't want to think about getting on the scales tomorrow. But I have been to Morrisons and done a huge healthy shop for the week, so the damage will soon be undone.
I also had to come back or there was a serious danger that we would have to take out a second mortgage to feed my two pence machine addiction!!! you know the ones where the shelves slide back and forth and push the coins.... I LOVE them. But just what is it that makes normal, intelligent adults become so obsessed with arcade machines?!?!? If it isn't me on the 2p machines just 'having' to make the cheap tack keyring or the toy car fall, then it is my mum spending god knows how much on the grabber machines as Harry just 'had to have' the lady bird MushaBelly...LOL!!! Trouble is I never learn, I did the same last year in Newquay, and more than likely will do the same again next year!!!

We went to Skegness for the day on Wednesday as Rob had never been, and let's face it, you haven't really lived if you haven't done Skeggy!!! So I was really sad to see the pics of the fire that destroyed some of the attractions in the early hours of Thursday morning:( It's not the most glamorous of places,and you see all sorts of undesirables there, but Skegness will always have a special little place in the hearts of all that holidayed there as a child.

I got through to the next round of the masterchef competition, so THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me. I love the LO I did as it has all of us on and it uses my fave papers from My Minds Eye. I took a close up too as the 'magic' buttons can't be seen too clearly on the scanned image and I wanted to prove they are there.
I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do for the next round as my head is full of boring jobs that need doing... the downside of coming back from holidays... unpacking, washing, ironing, blah blah blah!!! Hopefully I will get some time tomorrow afternoon to go through my stash and photos to get inspired.

I am so pleased to see that people are giving the doodling a go too:) I have looked at the work that has been linked to the previous post and it is fantastic. Anyone else wanting to be in with a chance for a stash RAK has until 8:00pm tomorrow to add a link.... go on, you have nothing to lose:)


Looby said...

Glad you had a great time! and I am exactly the same with arcades - sooo addictive!

Monika said...

I really love that layout. It looks great, good luck :)

MsGrace said...

really fun LO!!


Jenga said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE 2p machines!! Mum and I are fostering an obsession with them in James too !! We never leave for Blackpool without a stash of 2p's :D Love the LO and can't wait to see the next round :)