Sunday, 5 September 2010

I need more money!!!

To buy all the gorgeous new stash that Sarahscards has coming in on an almost daily basis!!! We've had a couple of unexpected, hefty bills this month so I'm really having to be restrained on what I can buy. I did have a little shop the other day and a couple of bottles of the 'That Special Touch mica mists' fell into the basket. They are just so gorgeous and pretty... I really will be investing in the rest of the colours.Last night I had a play with the Teal and the Pewter, misting some Pink Paislee grid paper for my background. I used some random alpha stickers on a another piece grid paper from a different manufacturer, but not sure which. After misting this piece I carefully peeled off the stickers and outlined the title with black pen adding shadows too. The gorgeous coffee stain stamp got used again... now I've found it, I think it'll get used a lot! The pp is by Cosmo... a really old range with cogs and stuff on. I used an Autumn Leaves stamp on scraps of American Crafts Halloween spotty paper, added a new Jenni Bowlin boy ticket, before journaling and then getting busy with a stapler. I'm sure I probably say this about most of my LOs... but this one is my favourite in the new size. I think it's very me!
The black eye was the result of Oliver being thrown into Harry by his friend Adam!!! Sounds very dramatic, but anyone with boys will totally understand that they cannot simply play... they always end up play fighting!!! And they had been told so many times to stop/be careful etc etc, but of course it all ended in tears! But to his credit, not many tears... he only whimpered a bit, and it wasn't until he came in for his tea that I realised he actually had a black eye! I think he is secretly very pleased with his tough new look... it's certainly getting a few comments when we go out!

I can share a few more LOs with you now. These were done using the Sarahscards July kit. I had a bit of a panic when I first opened the box and saw all the swirls as it all screamed 'girly'. But once I got playing I actually had fun and was pleased with the results. This next group of LOs were created using the Fancy Pants Like Father Like Son range. The colours and patterns were lovely to work with, and even though it is like the title suggests aimed at the menfolk in your life, it can be used to create a more feminine feel... like I did on this LO by making the flowers. They are really easy to make and there is a tutorial up on the Sarahscards blog as to how I did it.
I also got to play with some American Crafts Zing embossing powder. I've had embossing powders before and they've been ok for cards, but I've never really like the results enough to use it on a LO. Until now! The quality of the Zing powders is brilliant. The colours are rich and vibrant, and it melts so easily and evenly leaving a perfect result every time. Check out the colours available.

This LO was created for a challenge on The Twilight Addicts forum on UKS. I worked out how to make these cute butterflies one night while watching the tv. It was kind of an accidental find... I was fiddling with a number 8 I had made to use on a LO, which I then decided I didn't like. I folded it up whilst watching something or other and when I had folded it all up, realised it looked like a butterfly! I wrote an illustrated tutorial for these too and this can also be seen over on the Sarahscards blog. I'd love to see how you use these butterflies on your work :)

Right I seriously need to go and get dressed!!! This blog update has taken an age!!! Why can't blogger be good and just upload photos to where you want them to go without having to do the mad rearranging thing?!?!?


Helsbells said...

Love the first layout. Great misting! When I saw that photo I thought it might appear ona layout! I also NEED that stamp.

Jenga said...

Fab Lo's

See photo faffing is one of the reasons I gave up blogging!

Jemma said...

Ok i don't even know where to start commenting on this post, first off your talent disgusts me, seriously your pages are all fantastic!!! im always jealous of your pages and when i try and lift it of copy one they never come out the same!!!!! Olivers eye looks so sore i can barely look at the LO but the LO its self is stunning, i lvoe the mist over the letters and i love how you used your stamp - i know you made me buy one too i wonder if i could find it ....
Anyways i love the colours and papers on the second LO, and LOL at Drew poking Olivers eyes!!!! Boys will be boys right!
Love the Zoo lo LOVE everything about it!! love that you used the kraft cs and kept the chipboard raw really cool with the pink paislee pps!
I love the flowers on the round LO and i LOVE that you are in the photo you look fantastic (and dont bother reading this and disagreeing with me YOU DO and thats the final word)
Love how you used the number stamp up the side of the next LO and great family photo of the five of you and im totally checking out your tutorial on flowers and using them, they are so pretty!!!
Love the wion page, is that ribbon folded around the edge of the circle?
Cheeky boy, such a cute picture of Drew and i love how you used the embossing powder, what did you use to stick the embossing powder to???
The Lo of H is great and although its not a typical "perfect photo" i think for him its the perfect photo for his personality :)
i love the last Lo i love the folded over bits at the top of the page and the butterflies are cute, again im going to check out the tutorial and use them :) great to see you on a page as well!!!! xxx
Your kinda like a bus though, nothing for months then a thousand LOs at once!! Its great to see your LOs again and its totally making me want to scrap and semi lift your pages (like i said above when i try they are normally epic fails but i love stealing your ideas and bits of your pages :) )

I thought the new photo blogger thing is way easier to use than the old one and i can get the photos to go where i want them now which i LOVE!

Jemma said...

Wow that was a really really long comment sorry about that ... i just had too much to say :)

Anonymous said...

They're all stunning Lou! :)

I desperately need to put an order in. Its killing me having to bloody wait until I start getting paid again!!! LOL

Nat said...

Fab pages as always Lou, loving the stamp and I'm cunningly thinking of ways that I can make a copy-cat one on the cheap!! Poor Oliver and his eye!!
If you go to your Blogger Dashboard, there's an option to switch to their new version, and it uploads the pics to where you actually want them then rather than plonking them at the top all the time! Praise be Blogger, about time!!! xxx

Rachel said...

fabby work hun, loves them all xx

Trina said...

love your pages Lou, and the handmade flowers are fab!

lol@ the bus comment! made me giggle xx