Monday, 15 March 2010

Scrappy weekend!

Well here we are... another weekend has flown by, and we find ourselves back on a Monday!!! We had a good weekend. It was quiet, we didn't do anything, but sometimes that is good.
Yesterday I got these flowers from the boys... it wasn't a surprise as they were made as a planned activity last week... but I acted surprised, and Harry was very proud to tell me that he had made them for me.... awwwwwwww.
I got me time yesterday to do some scrapping. I only managed a couple of LOs but that's better than nothing! This LO went together quite quickly, and I used some of the gorgeous birdy Crate (I think) paper that came in a Sarahscards kit a while back... although to be fair you can't actually see that much of it!!! I just love the large picture of Drew... he was so surprised every time he managed to roll over, and this time I caught the surprised expression before he broke out into a big smile at his cleverness!
The second LO was done for a class over on UKS. The Twilight Addicts social group are holding a mini cyber crop over 2 weeks, and this is the first time I have managed to play along... although I do hope to get more done this week. The class required you to use a favourite LO as inspiration... I have so many LOs that I like but this one (scroll down to Paola Etta) caught my eye the other day whilst I was blog hopping. You also had to use something blue... I used a blue tape measure cut from a sheet of Cosmo, and some blue Jenni Bowlin alphas, and use something fantasy related. I have included the butterflies as my something fantasy related and although you could argue that they aren't... in Breaking Dawn Bella watches Rennesmee sleep and describes it as 'a flickering of colours like a handful of butterflies were scattering from her thoughts', so it's good enough for me. The final element was that the title be a line from one of the Twilight Saga books. I chose 'You are the most important thing to me now. The Most important thing to me ever'.
I love how this LO came together in the end, and I have to say I am so going to have t buy that butterfly punch!!! I borrowed one at the retreat last weekend, and did a few punches to take home... I also kept the bits I had punched out from, and I'm glad I did as I like how I used them here. I have been eyeing the punch since Sarah got it in stock, but thought i wouldn't use it much... but now I just don't care... it's so pretty!!!

Right, I am off to take advantage of having no looked after children today... I might go and get the water tray out for Bear and Drew pot. Having to only dry and change 2 children is better than 3!!!


Rachael said...

Just gorgeous LOs Lou, love how you have used the butterfly punch.
Love the flowers the boys made you too so sweet :)

Natalie said...

Lovely flowers :) Cute pics of Drew! xx

Helsbells said...

I love the effect with the punch. Gorgeous layouts :D

Mother, Housewife & Other said...

Hi Louise, I hope you dony mind me stumbling over your blog. Im new to blogging and am looking for new friends to help me connect with more people too. I love your blog. I too love crafting aswell as baking and especially with my children. I love the flowers your boys gave you. How fantastic! Im following your blog now and hopefully I will gain more inspiration through your posts.

Trina said...

Love your LO's and what you have done with that punch!

I bought it while i was their! :p I've used it on a few birthday cards, it actually inspired me to make cards which I have done for ages!

Drew is so cute <3