Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Busy busy busy!!!

Well it's all systems go in this house at the moment and we never seem to have a spare minute!!! Oliver has joined Beavers, which he is loving... no pics yet as he won't have his photo taken until he has been invested into the colony and gets his woggle!!! This will happen after the Easter hols, so I think there will be a LO coming soon.
We have started to potty train Harry. Or should I say TRY and potty train Harry!!! It's early days but it's not going well. He is just so stubborn and there is nothing we can use to bribe him. I'm not giving in this time though... he's not going back into nappies during the day... seriously it's just wrong trying to squeeze a child of his size into a nappy.... lol! So lots of wet patches and a mountain of wet undies... any tips for success would be gratefully received.

Drew pot has started to pull him self up at the furniture which he thinks is very clever. He's still a little whinger, but he is also very funny at times, so with that and being extremely cute, things are getting slowly better with him.

I've joined the gym.... last night was the first time I went, and OMG I can feel it today. Tonight I have a personal trainer session so I am expecting to really hurt tomorrow. This is it this time... I'm not going down the fad diet route anymore. I'm big and that's that, so I just plan now to try and do the best with what I've got... I have to say I actually enjoy going to the gym, so maybe this will be the first hobby I have that doesn't involve me sitting on my bum!!!

A few LOs to share. These were from the March Sarahscards kit. Not papers I would have bought myself, but they were lovely to use. I really like the bold floral patterns, and think that they work well even with the boy LOs. On this LO I used scraps of card to make the same flowers from another sheet of patterned paper, but bigger. I loved the design but the printed design was just too small for what I wanted... I think this works well.
I have to say I am really staring to like working with the smaller size for my BOM too.... although I doubt I'll go over to this size totally.
I printed my favourite piece of music, The Meadow by Alexandre Desplat (yes it's from New Moon), onto patterned paper to form the basis of the LO. I love this LO.... although it doesn't fit in a page protector!!! I really should think these things through before I start!On Saturday we went to the Build a Bear factory at the Trafford Centre. The idea was that Harry could choose a bear who would become his potty training friend. He named the Bear Brian, after Grandad, and chose an outfit, shoes and pjs for him.... Brian also wears big bear pants!!! I think it is helping a bit, as Harry does like to sit Brian on the potty, but not as much as he likes putting his pjs on and taking him to bed.... lol!
I did this LO of Harry and Brian at the Warrington crop on Sunday... not a productive day for me... but what's new there. I only got this and about 3/4 of another LO done. I would like to say I have someone to blame, but I think in truth I have only myself to blame... I talk too much and faff even more! Oh well... crops aren't supposed to be all work and no play are they ;) I also succumbed to the Woodware tab punch. I needed it, I had to have it.... it's now mine, and I love it very much. If there is ever a punch you will use all the time this is it.... love love love it! (Rachael Elliott... your fault, again...lol).
Right ho, another brief update... I will be back over the Easter weekend... probably in an attempt to put off getting my EYFS profiles and planning up to date!
Have a great bank holiday weekend and don't eat too much chocolate!!!


Rachael said...

Sorry to make you spend more money Lou but you really did need that punch!! lol. Well done on going to the gym you put me to shame :( Fab LOs as always and love the idea of the potty training Brian bear, fingers crossed he helps!

Helsbells said...

As long as you don't blame me like Jen does! Love the layout you did on Sunday. Really like the one about your piano too and good idea to print the music out. Good luck at the gym!

Rachel said...

well you did really need that punch didnt you, i think i have used it on every page since i got it. lovely pages, well done on the gym, but to call yourself Big is madness you crazy fool! Good luck with the being a mum thing sounds bloodly hard lol. (runs off to listen to 'the meadow' lol x

Nat said...

Lovely pages as always missus - love the music printed onto the paper - clever clever!!
Ooooh i'm dying for an excuse to get to Build a Bear!!!! I might take my neice there for her birthday, but thats not til next Nov!! (ha! I just want to build one for mywelf really!!!) xxx