Saturday, 22 November 2008

We have a bear back in the house!!!

Just got back from Meadowhall, or should that be MeadowHELL!!! OMG just how rude to people get in the run up to Christmas. One woman bashed her shopping bags into Harry's face whilst he was sat in the pushchair, and didn't see it as a problem when I pulled her up on it. Karma is a bitch though, because she turned round to hot tail it away from the wrath of Looby Lou and broke her heel...LOL!!!
Anyway, we have a bear back at home where he belongs... all is calm at present as the boys are pleased to be back in each others company... we'll see just how long this lasts though!

Huge Congratulations to the Ga family on the safe arrival of baby Sam... he is so flippin cute it make me want mine here and now... although I shall allow him to cook for a little longer as we haven't decorated his room yet, and more to the point we only have 2 of the letters we need for his door!!!

Sketch 7 is up on the Rough Draft blog, and I have to say that it was the most fun sketch to work with... I loved it, and was really pleased with the outcome. I took this photo ages ago and it has been pinned to the inside of my workstation just waiting to be scrapped... so glad I did get round to it and I love the papers I used... and there are those puffy thickers again... yummo!
Have just got the December Sarahscard kit to play with and even though it is Christmas themed, which I don't usually love... the papers are double sided and can be used for non Christmas LOs too. That said, I still have so many past Christmas photos to scrap, I am hoping that this will make me get through some of them!!! So tonight it will be Casualty, a glass of diet coke and Christmas scrapping. Gosh I know how to live!!!

Right off to watch Ice Age 2 with the boys...


Rach said...

PMSL at the broken heel - ha, silly moo asked for it!!!!

Paul B said...

Haha yes I know about the Karma thing - has worked for me too occasionally. Fraid that though I agree with you about the rudeness of people - when I was grumbling in Stockport today it was about mothers with prams who use them as battering rams or to stop traffic with. Eek! Will I meet your wrath one day if I bash a child in a pram with a Thorntons bag :D

Love the LO and looking forward to seeing what you've done for SC - hate these teases - show more, show more (bottom lip stuck out).


Jenga said...

Thanks hun :D can't wait for your Thing 3 to be here too :)

Gotta love Karma wahahahahaha

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

I probably would've done the same thing to her face dear. But yes again, there's always karma.
I really love your take on the sketch.

Zoe said...

I LOVE your LO I'm still giggling to myself about your christmas pictures!!! I dont think I have scrapped any EVER! I do ind it very daunting and especially the ones with my nan, hard to look at for now! I will do them soon!
Yes Karma will do the trick eventually but WTG! On the broken heel! lol