Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bathroom Hell

I am still here... honest! Not much going on in the way of scrapping as the house is a tip and I am feeling less than creative as a result. Not much going on in the way of photo taking either, as the camera is still in the hospital:( In fact I haven't heard anything from them, so I really hope the camera got there!
I did manage to get this LO done the other night for the weekly challenge on UKS. It was a scraplift of a LO by Jems. I had wanted to scrap these photos for ages, but didn't want to do a DLO. Not a great piccie as I had to use the point and press, but you get the idea.
Today has been spent painting the blimmin bathroom. Who ever thought it was a good idea to put pine cladding on a ceiling?!?!?!? It has taken 5 coats to cover the stuff, and I reckon it will still take another couple of coats to make it look finished. I have also painted the walls that are not going to be tiled. The tiler is coming tomorrow, then the plumber is coming back to put a new radiator in and plumb the sink in. Yesterday we went accessory shopping so all the bits and pieces are ready to be put into place... hopefully soon.

Not that you will be interested, but I will share a couple of pics with you as to what the bathroom looked like before and what we were left with once the tiles came off. Now I know you will be wondering why on earth we wanted to get rid of the lovely gold edging and taps, and how could we not be happy with the beautiful glass screen....


Jenga said...

OMG your old bathroom is my old bathroom!!! Spoooooky LOL

Jemma said...

Just think how great it will be once its done, keep thinking about that not the dust!!!