Tuesday, 27 November 2007

HSMS mini catch up

Hello girlies... not been round to play, but managed to get a couple of shouts done today. Tomorrow is inspection day, so hopefully I will be back to joining in with the daily prompts and catching up with your blogs.

So we are concentrating on textures this week. Yesterday's prompt was 'wet'. When I had a spare 5 minutes to take photos, I was limited to where I could actually go... Reuben was asleep in the kitchen, so I couldn't go in there or get to the back garden. Harry was asleep upstairs so I didn't want to be faffing up there in case I woke him up... I didn't want to go out into the front garden as our nosey neighbour would likely pounce wanting to know what I was doing. So after looking around in the living room, the only wet thing I could find was this nappy all tied up in a nappy sack!!!
Today's prompt was much easier... we have loads of rough stuff in this house... me and Rob could both count due to lack of sleep, thanks to Oliver's continual waking through the night!!! I decided to take a piccie of my BG precision file set... I bought these, thinking that perhaps it would prove to be another fad buy... but I use them all the time, and I love them. Mum was impressed with them too, but wasn't prepared to pay the price. She got a fab set of 8 mini files from a pound shop... very good, but not pink!!!

Will catch up with you tomorrow... hope you are well. Big (((((hugs))))) to Anita at this difficult time, my thoughts are with you.


Hazel said...

Good catch up - love the composition of rough. Hope the inspection goes well.

Bobs said...

ROFL at the wet nappy!
I'm beginning to think I should get a set of those BG files. Great shot.