Sunday, 4 November 2007

Had a great weekend.

Mum brought Oliver home on Friday... something he always enjoys as it means a trip on the National Express... most people hate coach journeys but Oliver LOVES them!!! very strange!!!
We had a nice weekend, with a few fireworks on Saturday evening, lots of mini book crafting once the boys were in bed... and a wee bit of shopping adding into the equation too...LOL!!!

Well I can share the LOs with you now that I did for the Scrapfairies October gallery. I tried to do different subjects so that people don't get fed up with seeing LOs of Oliver and Harry all the time. So how different can you get... a sleeping baby, stick insects and a Jen and a Jems!!!

Be back later to have a proper catch up... hope you are all having a fab weekend.


Jemma said...

Love the LOs well apart from the right photo on the last one!!

and as for those toes in the top one, i could just bite them!!! - too cute!!


Jenga said...

Love the LO's - even the one with my mug on it :D And how cute is that sleepy boy?!?!?!?!

Lynsey said...

These LO are gorgeous.

Helsbells said...

Great layouts (as usual!) but I especially like the stick insect one.

Love how you've used the flower in parts and the journaling strips are lovely too. :-D

Nina said...

Lovely layouts!