Sunday, 8 April 2007

*****Happy Easter*****

The easter bunny visited our house this morning... leaving Oliver 23 little eggs and 2 big eggs, daddy 1 big egg, Harry some pennies for his money box and mummy some new jeans!!!

What a clever bunny, knowing what would make everyone happy!!!

Not much opportunity to scrap today... Oliver wants to play outside, which is good as he will be nice and tired tonight. But Harry wants to be held rather than being in his pushchair/bouncy chair/bumbo!!!!
He looks so funny in his bumbo... he's not very impressed with it, but me being the cruel mummy I am can't wait to scrap a picture of him in it, mmwahhhahahahahahahaha!!!!

Hoping that Rob will take the boys over to the park for half an hour so that I can sort out my work space. I want to match some stash together in the daylight so that I can just get on and do a LO tonight, rather than faffing for ages like I usually do!!!

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