Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New starts!!!

It seems I get worse at blogging when I make statements about blogging more often... I was going to give up on the whole blog thing for a number of reasons. Firstly Facebook... so many people use it and it is easier to upload and share photos on there, Secondly, I don't actually think many people read my blog, so it feels like I am just writing to myself.... which isn't really a problem as I often talk to myself! And lastly, time. I never seem to have enough time to get round to blogging, but then again if I din't lurk around boards I no longer post on I would have more time to blog... lol!
So this is a last attempt to maintain a 'fairly' regularly updated blog. If I fail this time I'm not going to beat myself up about it, c'est la vie!!!

So new start number 1 = update blog (Iwill get round to changing the appearance later)

Sadly the Warrington crop run by Sarah and Lianne from Sarahscards has closed down. All because some people can't help themselves and have to maon and whinge about how things were run. This brings me to new start number 2 = meet up with friends to chat and scrap once a month.

Sunday was the first of these mini crop meetings and it was great to catch up with Jen, Helen, and Vanessa. Unfortunately Sarah and Lianne were busy that day, but they will be coming to play aswell.

New start number 3 came from Helen, Jen and Vanessa's influence on Sunday. I have decided to give A4 scrapping a go. I really love 12x12, so can't imagine that I am going to give it up entirely. But with the amount of LOs I have laying around waiting to be filed in albums, and the cost of 12x12 albums in comparison to A4 filing solutions... A4 seems the way to go.
I did this LO on Sunday which is not at all my usual style. I really like it, but it is very 'tidy' and organised with the photos being set ut the way they are... I like it but I bet I'm back to iggledy piggledy soon ;)
I also did this LO on Sunday... it started off as a 12x12, but just wasn't working. After being pulled apart and resized I have to say I am really loving it.
I did this LO very quickly this morning for this Twisted sketch, the twist being 'rough'. The edges were all distressed, and the 2p prints turned out very roughly, so I think that box has been ticked!

Righty ho, the dvd that is entertaining the kids while it tips it down outside (again) is coming to an end so I better go and be the entertainer myself!!!

Hopefully back again soon... I've started on another Twisted sketch, so will come back to share.



Rachael said...

I read your blog Lou so your not talking to yourself :) I have started to do a few A4 LOs too and I agree it is a great size. Fab LOs as always.

Helsbells said...

I read! Know what you mean though about feeling that you talk to yourself.

I love the 2p layout and as I said on Sunday, the Egg one is very 'me' so naturally I like that one too!

And a big YAY for A4 (just don't buy up all the ring binders!)

Jenga said...

A4 baby!!! :)

Love the layouts x

Nat said...

Lol I read it too ;) I'm trying to keep mine up to date as well...we'll have to do it together lmao! Love the lo's, you are rocking the a4 size already! Hehehe I saved some tickets from the arcade a few weeks too, just need to edit my pics so I can use them all on a page :) Jealous that i'm not near you all to come and join in the meetings ;) xxx

Jemma said...

im always stalking you you have to know that :P

love the LOs i really really love the last one hope you dont mind im totally going to copy it :)

you cant stop blogging id miss you too much xx

kjjc said...

errr people do read you. They just don't leave you comments but you are read with interest.Hope you are well. Lucky you having your get-togethers. we miss Warrington soooooo much.

Anonymous said...

I read and lurk on your blog :)

Loving the A4! The self portrait is brill and loving the 2p too.

Will race you all to the binder section!!

Vanessa xx

Julesaroony said...

I read too! So pleased to see you blogging again and love the new lo's :)