Wednesday, 3 March 2010

No more babies in this house :(

Yesterday Drew pot had his first birthday... I can't believe that this past year has gone so so quick!!! And even though I do not want any more children, there is a part of me that is very sad that my baby is a toddler.
He had a fabulous day, and got the biggest sit in fire engine ever.... well apart from a real one!!! Of course we had tears and tantrums from Bear who thought that it was his and didn't want anyone else in it! We had a little party at lunch time with a few of his friends, and the chocolatiest bear cake after tea.... so chocolatey that we have given a couple or paws away as it runs the risk of causing serious artery furring if it stays here!!!
Today Drew has gone to stay at mum's for a few days... so sad to see him go but he will be spoiled rotten and will have lots of fun.

One of the reasons he has gone now is that this week is the Sarahscards retreat in Warrington. So excited but also very nervous about having to stand up in front of so many people and teach the class... I'm sure my LO is no way near as good/interesting as the others being taught. Also I haven't taught for ages... and even then it was to teenagers not adults. Still a weekend in a hotel with no children has to be good right?

Last Sunday it was crop day and I had a great time as always catching up with skinny Jen. I managed to get slightly more done this time, and just had to finish a 3rd LO off when I got home.

This one was to mark the sad day when Oliver decided that he didn't want trainers from the discount sports shop, but wanted the rather pricey Adidas Stormtrooper trainers. I thought it would be a few more years before this happened... not at 6!!! Still the paper the trainers were wrapped in is lush, so had to be used on the LO.
This LO is of Bear dressed in Oliver's cowboy costume... he only likes it because he gets to play with not one but TWO guns at the same time.... double trouble!!! And can't do LOs for itsy and bitsy without doing one for ditsy!!! This was to mark the day that Drew finally started to crawl... and yes he is a little terror now and leaves a trail of devastation behind him.... but he is also a bit more content now he can get about (emphasis on bit). I used the delicious AC heatwave paper again... I just love this and will so have to buy yet another sheet... although I don't think I'll be cutting all the little arrows out again... what a pain that was!
Right that's all for now folks... off to get the car valeted after too many travel sick children episodes... it is loooooong over due!!!

Back after the retreat.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

explendit blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Rachael said...

Lou your class layout is just gorgeous and I am sure you will be a fab teacher!!
Loving the layouts especially the crawling one of Drew, he looks so gorgeous :)
See you tomorrow!

Rach said...

Happy Birthday Drew!

Fab LOs, wish I was going this weekend. Hope you all have a fab time xx

Jenga said...

All fab LO's :) See yo uon Friday - wish i was staying all weekend :(

Patricia said...

Nikki and I promise not to heckle. Looking forward to seeing you again and so looking forward to the weekend.