Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy Birthday to Bear!

I cannot believe that my little ginger Bear is 3 today!!! Just where has the past 3 years gone? He wanted a bike for his birthday... a pink one actually, but we chose him a red one... in case he got fed up with the pink in a few weeks time!
He also got a glow station from Oliver and some more Disney Cars characters from Drewpot, and the monsters vs aliens dvd from Jaspa.... bought with his own doggy pennies ;)

Obviously we can't take him out on his bike with all the snow, so the dining room table is currently pushed up against the wall so he can ride it around in the house. He's not mastered the art of steering yet so I think my walls are going to suffer a little today!!!

Another fabulous person shares a birthday with Bear. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Natalie... hope you have a great one hun X


Rach said...

Happy Birthday Harry!

Hope he has a great day!

Jemma said...

oh bless Happy Birthday H!

i hope he has a fantastic day! x

Jenga said...

Happy Birthday Harry!!! :)

Natalie said...

Woohoo, I'm famous on your blog :) xx

I hope Harry had a very Happy Birthday. Your red bike looks amazing...much better than pink!!

I'm sure 3rd birthdays are sooooo much better than boring 23rd!!


Anonymous said...

Aww, he looks chuffed with the bike :) Glad he had a great day.


Anonymous said...

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