Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Summer Holidays

Oh how I used to love summer holidays when I was teaching... they have very much lost their appeal now I am a childminder... especially as one of the children I look after is VERY weird and high maintenance!!! Roll on!!!
We've had a busy time just lately. The kids broke up from school last Wednesday so Thursday and Friday were mad busy entertaining a house full. Saturday we went to Mablethorpe for the day which was fab. The sun shone, but not too hot so Bear could enjoy himself too without fear of getting too 'over done'. We spent a small fortune on sand toys, donkey rides, the fair and the arcades.... you wouldn't believe how fast my eldest two can burn through money!!! I was very impressed with how brave Oliver was on the rides.... he went on some big ones with me, but of course there are no photos of those as Rob didn't think to actually use the camera he was holding!!! I did get this pic of him with his dad on the umbrella ride though.... very high! A very late night for all followed by an early start as it was Oliver's 6th birthday on the Sunday, and it would be rude to sleep in or allow others to sleep in on your birthday wouldn't it!!! He got way too much, again.... and his treat for the day was a trip to see Walking with Dinosaurs at the Sheffield Arena. He absolutely loved it but is now more than ever convinced that he is a velociraptor!!!
Back home on the Sunday evening to a house we left in a tip and more dirty laundry than you can shake a stick at!!! And of course it is raining pouring so now we have wet washing draped everywhere!!!
Tomorrow is Oliver's birthday tea, which is not to be confused with a birthday party but seems to be fast turning into a party with more and more children coming!!! how did that happen?!?!?

Last night we had a kitchen designer/fitter round to plan our new kitchen which is going in at the beginning of September.... hoooray!!! no more wood, wood, wood everywhere!

Anyway, with all this going on I haven't had chance to scrap... although I am planning to do a couple of LOs tonight. I can share these LOs with you now... they were created using the Crate paper Orbit collection from Sarahscards. Lovely papers to look at and stroke, but quite a challenge to use... although now I have used them and am happy with the LOs, I think I need to buy more of the papers, as I can see the potential for them for future LOs.
And these LOs were done using the July kit... The reason the snail was called Denys is because that is our neighbours name, and Rob gas told the boys to put any snails into next doors garden so they can eat their plants instead of ours!!! There is no hope for my boys!

At the weekend we are meeting up with my best friend Annie and her family. It was meant to be a zoo trip/farm park visit but it looks like plans may need to be re-thought due to a lousy weather forecast. Could be a visit to Cadbury's World or Think Tank then!!!

Right better go and detect which child is emitting a rather unpleasant smell.... back soon.

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Eileen said...

Just indulging in a bit of blog-hopping-catching-up, I've been a bit remiss over the summer. Love your LOs, I'm sure my efforts with Sarah's July kit will be a lot more sober (aka boring!) than your truly funky ones.

Hope the rest of your summer is passing well.